Barak Lili M

Barak Lili M

A breeding ground for young, artistic and cultural entrepreneurs

Pilar occupies a part of the See U site located near the VUB campus. In these former military barracks, we reside together with forty other sustainable and innovation projects and organizations. Barak Lili M consists of: 

• 3 artists' studios; 
• a rehearsal room (with drumkit and sofa); 
• a place for cultural entrepreneurship. 

Artists' studios

After an open call in the spring of 2019, Pilar selected three promising artists whose artistic practice make links between art and science. For one year they settle in at our artists' spaces. 

Nina Van denbempt (1989, Halle)

Nina Van denbempt finished her studies at LUCA School of Arts, Gent and received the jury price in 2013. She likes collecting old paper, magazines, bit and pieces of abandoned furniture. In this archive of chaos, she creates all kinds of work starting from those materials. Apart from making short stories about failure and daily anxieties for the website of VICE. She also makes paintings and has recently started making pieces of clothing that tell stories that remind us of the 80ties DIY riotgrrrls attitude. In 2018 Nina started taking her firsts steps in performance, with a love for nostalgic campy aesthetic and homemade sound and costumes. She finds inspiration in existential philosophers, dragqueens, old porn magazines, glitter, feminism, Lady Gaga, Charles Bukowski's poems, Patti Smith... 


Bart Lescrève (1986, Brugge)

works on images in stone and ceramics in a playful and intuitive way, from his background in graphics, painting, and installations. Working on different images at the same time creates a continuous overlap of themes and techniques that lead to series that follow themselves naturally. A quirky iconography, ambiguity, melancholy, but also nostalgia and nonsense are regarded as the motives that are always at the basis of his contrast-rich creations. Lescrève opens a space for the viewer in which the monumental becomes fragile and in which the grotesque reveals itself seductively. He calls himself a bricoleur romantique, a sculptural fetishist with trousers and a toolbox full of enthusiasm. 


Juan Pablo Plazas (1987, Colombia)

an artist, anthropologist and performer based in Brussels. His artistic practice deals with the use and misuse of language in specific cultural contexts. In sculptural and performative work, his interest in etymology and the relationship between language and manufactured objects, take playful and unexpected turns. With a distinct sense of humor and a nose for loosely associative linguistic contortions, he adopts the things he most often finds and oddly brings them to life. 
After finishing his Anthropology studies and Fine Arts education in Colombia, he graduated from the Master's program at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels in 2013. He was granted with the Jan Naaijkens Prijs from the North Brabant Society, and has been shown internationally in Belgium, The Netherlands, Colombia, Australia and Mexico.


Cultural entrepreneurship

In addition to a creative workplace for artists, there is also room - literally and figuratively speaking - within Barak Lili M for wilful future thinkers and doers. To us, 'cultural' also means reflecting critically on worldviews that determine our actions, thinking about alternatives that can offer a counterweight. Barak Lili M is also a haven for creative rebellion. 
We offer enthusiastic, creative entrepreneurs, a place where they can meet freely. The necessary space where young cultural entrepreneurs let wild ideas mature and grow. And provide a physical workplace, but also tailor-made coaching and guidance in the development of your project. 
Do you have a wild idea? Are you looking for a place to work on your project? Or are you just curious about what Barak Lili M can do for you? Let us know via gijs.ieven@vub.be.

Rehearsal room

Barak Lili M is also a rehearsal room. In the basement of our Barak we arranged a rehearsal room with a basic PA set, drum kit, sofa and minibar (bring your own booze). You can rent the space at democratic rates. More info and reservations via carolien.den.hond(at) vub.be

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