KLEIN (uk)

KLEIN (uk)

Wed 25 Mar 2020
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Dwell into the world of London-based pitch shifter Klein (UITGESTELD / GEANNULEERD)

There’s a storm brewing around Klein these days, but it’s a storm so fascinating and unique that it’s a pure delight to be in the eye of it all. The South London multidisciplinary artist received great reviews for her album ‘Lifetime’ (2019), released on her label ijn inc. The record is a deeply personal account, paying homage to her own lineage. Klein’s singular music immerses the listener in a sensory world of vocal abstraction, disarming experimentalism and pop-cultural references while layering personal themes of self-belief, misrepresentation, and belonging. A combination of Internet-informed collages, sounds rooted in her Nigerian upbringing, gospel, and r&b. Trust us on this. Following recent performances at Unsound, The Serpentine Galleries and The Barbican her visit to Brussels will be something you’ve never ever seen before.
"Lifetime by Klein may not be for the faint hearted, but the London artist's exploration of “the black diasporic experience” make for truly compelling listening"

- The Quietus

"Lifetime is marked by aesthetic and personal conflict, and while it doesn’t uncover easy resolution, its beauty (and it is a remarkably beautiful record) derives in large part from the acceptance, or even embrace, of those conflicts as what generates a lifetime’s meaning" 

- Pitchfork
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Deel van Pilar ASAP Thu 05 Mar — Thu 02 Apr 2020 The glitch edition Semi-annual, multidisciplinary festival by Pilar
doors: 20:00
support: 20:30
Klein: 21:30

Van 14.00 tot 22.00 uur kan je ook de tentoonstelling “The Wilderness Hidden Underneath” vrij bezoeken.
Voorverkoop: € 10,00
Kassa: € 13,00
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