House Rules
House rules
Let’s make PILAR a safe(r) and inclusive space. The responsibility is everyone’s.

Therefore we ask you to take note of our house rules:

  • Events (concerts, theatre performances, clubnights) at the Pilar BOX are only accessible with a valid entrance ticket. You can buy a ticket online or at the box office at the doors. We offer discount pirices for youth (-26 y), regardless if they are students or young professionals. 
  • Exhibitions at the Pilar EXPO are accessible free of charge during the opening hours, just walk in. 
  • During concerts and clubnights you can enter and leave the venue throughout the course of the event. 
  • During theatre performances, access to the venue is only allowed on the starting hour indicated on the website. After the performance has started, no one can enter the venue. This measure is taken to ensure that the performers are not disturbed during their act. Come on time. 
  • In order to protect our community, we will not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying, physical or moral harassment and violence. If you engage with others, don’t act without their explicit consent. No means no. 
  • Registering the music performances with your phone camera is allowed at our venue. Please avoid using a flash in order not to disturb the artist and the crowd. Respect the crowd’s privacy and don’t make or share video’s of people without their explicit consent. 
  • It is not allowed to bring your own drinks into the venue. 
  • It is not allowed to bring weapons or glass objects into the venue. 
  • PILAR has a zero-tolerance drug policy (based on the VUB policy). 
  • Do you see something that worries you? We encourage anyone who witnesses a violation of these rules to contact a PILAR staff member. You can find us at the box office. 

During every event we provide:

  • Free vestiaire 
  • Free earplugs (upon request at the ticket desk) and a 90 dB sound limit 
  • Free tap water (upon request at the bar) 
  • Free condoms (upon request at the ticket desk) 
  • Gender neutral toilets, accessible free of charge 
  • Free menstrual products (available in the toilet stalls) 
  • Assistance in case of emergency 

Want to get home safe?

 Ask your friends to accompany you. PILAR highly discourages drinking and driving. The nearest public transport stops are Pétillon (Metro 5), VUB (Tram 25 & 7) and Etterbeek Station (NMBS). You can order a taxi via the Uber or Taxiverts app, it’s not expensive when you share the ride. 

Do you need support after a night out?

 Don’t hesitate to talk about it with the people you trust and seek professional support if needed. You can use the contacts below to find medical care, psychological support or to report a situation. 

  • PILAR: 
  • VUB Campus Security: +32 2 629 11 11 
  • Medical Emergencies: 112 
  • Police: 101 
  • Tele-support: 106 
  • Sexual Assault Centre: +32 2 535 45 42 
  • Helpline violence and abuse: 1712 
  • Drugline: 078 15 10 20 
  • Unia: 0800 12 80 

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