Finalists Hooray for the Essay 2019

13 January 2020
The finalists of the first edition of 'Hooray for the Essay', organized by Pilar and deBuren, are known. The jury selected 5 essays. You can read them below (Dutch only).

1 'De een zijn trots' - Martha Claeys

Read Martha Claeys' essay here

2 'Liefde en het ego' - Lotte Spreeuwenberg

Read the essay by Lotte Spreeuwenberg here

3 'Make Vlaenderen great again? Leer Frans' - Basil Claeys

Read the essay by Basil Claeys here

4 'Ik pieker niet in vierkanten' - Sanne van Balen

Read the essay by Sanne van Balen here

5 'Wij zijn heel veel mensen' - Lies Gallez

Read the essay by Lies Gallez here
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