What is Pilar?

About Pilar

Pilar is an open, artistic laboratory in Brussels, located at the VUB. A pillar of support for and by young people. A place for cross-fertilisation between art, science and entrepreneurship. A testing ground focused on developing talent. Pilar presents, experiments, nurtures, creates, researches, blends, integrates and involves.


Pilar is art and culture on the fringes. We let emerging and established creators express themselves in word, image and sound. Against the current. Pilar is an open experimental garden with plenty of potting soil, whose basic principle is to grow artistic and organisational talent among young people. Seeds are given room to germinate. Pilar is a white space coloured in co-creation with generations Y and Z, innovators, scientists and future makers. For we have an unwavering belief in the power of cross-pollination between ideas, people, disciplines and sectors – it is the kaleidoscopic view or action that creates alternatives in society. We act as a conductor, offering you positive electrifying dissonance within our artistic and cultural offer.


Pilar is a multi-faceted, open Brussels laboratory. It is an exhibition area for art by young, innovative creators and established figures, cross-fertilised with the ground-breaking knowledge of scientists. With its artistic offer, Pilar is looking for links between different artistic and scientific disciplines, the content fuelled by social impulses, a unique offer that challenges, stimulates and imagines. Pilar is targeted at adventurous art and culture lovers who dare to surrender to experience.

Pilar is a creative space for budding artistic talents, an incubator that stimulates experimentation, failure, creation and development. Within this space, Pilar offers promising creators a support framework, so that innovators under the radar are given an opportunity to grow. Pilar is an intermediate space where future thinkers and doers can creatively rebel. Culture means being critical and reflecting on the world views that determine our actions, but also thinking of alternatives that can offer a counterbalance. Pilar offers enthusiastic nonconformists a place to come up with crazy ideas – ideas that can translate rhizomatically into small- or large-scale cultural projects or businesses. In this way, through personalised guidance programmes, Pilar stimulates cultural entrepreneurship in generations Y and Z.

Target groups

  • Generations Y and Z: young experienced experts. Their culture, in all its diversity, forms the basis of our story.
  • Art and culture lovers: admirers who passively or actively give themselves to the experience of art and culture.
  • Budding creators: talented young people who eagerly experiment, create and present.
  • Future (free) thinkers and doers: thinkers and DITers (Do It Together-ers), convinced of the values of radical humanism, who figure out and develop crazy ideas in a rapidly changing world.

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