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Atelier Tactile Talk

Atelier Tactile Talk

Tue 15 Nov 2022
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by Katrien Oosterlinck

Atelier Tactile Talk invites you into a game. You are guided to enter into a dialogue without words. We explore the social space, the space between us, through a landscape of foam rocks. We look at how we attune ourselves - or not.

Ask a question by positioning a rock in space. Answer with another rock and watch the landscape change. Move the rocks and follow someone else's rhythm.
Take charge and place your body in the landscape.

Atelier Tactile Talk is a visual game, a social choreography to show communication between people in a tangible way, to make it tangible and open to discussion.

Katrien Oosterlinck

Katrien Oosterlinck (1984) designs instructions for games with a specific scenography for encounters between people. The zone is non-verbal, body language is central. Her work reflects on spatial sensitivity: the search for a private and shared place. Her practice is not only about social interaction, but also about creating images through that interaction.


stage direction and objects Katrien Oosterlinck | facilitation Griet Pauwels | sound design Pol Vanlaer | light design Vinny Jones | scenography Jan Van Goethem | guides Aline Verbeke, Basma Ouerfelli, Carine De Backer, Gladys Guillaume, Mila Jimenez Sanchez, Octavia De Buysscher, Saida Manai, Souleymane Sow, Zahra Bensouda | costume advice Lies Marechal | choreographic advice Katja Pire | dramaturgical advice Elvira Crois & Julien Bruneau | technique Shane Van Laer | production wpZimmer | co-production Kaaitheater, C-Tact & KAAP | in collaboration with ccBe, hetpaleis, C-Mine, Pilar, Destelheide & De Kriekelaar | participation partners Lasso & De Veerman | with the support of the Flemish Community
Session 1: 16:30
Session 2: 19:00
Presale: € 7,00
At the door: € 10,00
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