BOLT RUIN + senna JMB + GERARD (Elias Durnez + Victor Verhelst)

BOLT RUIN + senna JMB + GERARD (Elias Durnez + Victor Verhelst)

Thu 01 Dec 2022
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Futuristic nostalgia

A dystopia is full of questions, but equally emotional despair. The world is changing at breakneck speed and youngsters are dealing with this as if it is the new norm, although this can be called anything but carefree. The internet alienates us from reality, yet it brings us closer to it than ever. The digital world is taking over, and at the same time more people prefer to turn back to the 'analog, real world'. With field recordings and futuristic visuals, these artists are perfectly situated at the intersection of these two worlds. Fruits of a generation that grew up with pavement chalk and cassettes, but where digital media became absolutely indespensable. Futuristic nostalgia.


BOLT RUIN brings dark electronic music that fuses the energy of hardcore punk with the delicacy of classical music. 
Layers of field-recorded textures, grainy melodies and warped voices collide with fractured rhythms and thunderous basses. BOLT RUIN writes the soundtrack to overgrown industrial wastelands. Drawing grey areas between cinematic beauty and harsh sceneries.
For fans of Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, Blanck Mass & Forest Swords.



senna JMB

senna JMB cruises through a liberating highway of stream-of-consciousness wordfalls, chronic nostalgia, stirring bursts of emotional intensity and blazing instrumentals by Kiche. Floating between visions of Brussels and images of Brazil, reality and fiction, trying to integrate the ultrapersonal in between rap, pop and spoken word.
 For fans of Yung Lean, Dean Blunt, Coby Sey en Earl Sweatshirt.

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GERARD is the musical alter ego of Elias Durnez. With a sound that transitions from ambient to pop and even to club music, GERARD brings electronic music for internet times. GERARD’s birth coincided with the aftermath of the covid lockdowns, hovering between online and offline, isolation and connection. 

In cooperation with graphic designer Victor Verhelst, an audiovisual show was created. The audiovisual show arose from the urge to expand the world of GERARD interdisciplinary into an immersive experience. Verhelst’s intense colours and shapes are modified live to the music and create an entity that is greater than the sum of its parts. 
Victor Verhelst (°1997) is a graphic designer who recently made work for, Kiosk Radio, PLUS-ONE Gallery... Verhelst has a diverse practice in both printed and digital media. The overarching element in his work is his completely unique, overwhelming, nostalgic-futuristic visual language, which makes no compromises. 
For fans of Oneohtrix Point Never, JPEGMAFIA, Fennesz, Charli xcx... 


20.00: Doors
20.30: senna JMB
21.30: GERARD (Elias Durnez + Victor Verhelst) (Live A/V)
22.30: BOLT RUIN
23.30: Curfew
Presale: € 9,00
At the door: € 12,00
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