Camille Camille + BLUAI

Camille Camille + BLUAI

Tue 08 Mar 2022
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Melancholic Soothing Indie

Camille Camille is a Belgian singer-songwriter. She likes to call her music melancholic soothing folk, inspired by nature, dreams, self-reflection, human relationships as well as the ever changing aspect of things. She learned her first guitar chords from her mother and has since then developed her own ways of creating music. At the age of 18, during her year on the southern coast of England, she hit the street for the first time. Since then, the streets have become a playground where Camille Camille not only developed her vocal skill, but also gained insight in the importance of an honest and raw approach to connect with her audience. 
«writing music has something very therapeutic» 
For debut album 'Could You Lend Me Your Eyes' Camille Camille teamed up with Swedish producer Anders Lagerfors, which turned out to be a great choice. All her already released singles did very well and she even became one of the revelations of Duyster on Studio Brussel. Let the compelling husky voice of Camille Camille soothe your soul and submerge yourself into her wistful melodies of soft bedroom folk, whom delicately bring together hope and melancholy.
For the likes of Alice Phoebe Lou, Eddie Vedder & Karen Dalton.
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Due to personal circumstances, Fabian Rasti unfortunately had to cancel this show. De Nieuwe Lichting BLUAI replaces him. BLUAI, aka Catherine Smet, is a 24 year old singer songwriter from Belgium, who started writing and recording songs from her student bedroom. From slow and dreamy indie folk to upbeat indie pop, her songs tell relatable stories about love and heartbreak. As of recently BLUAI has developed into a full band when drummer Mo, guitar player Ilayda and bass player Caitlin joined. Although now recording in the studio, BLUAI’s music is still echoing the intimacy of her bedroom. Catchy fresh and honest.
Catherine Smet
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As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 03 — Thu 31 Mar 2022 Your Current Mood Edition We fall down the rabbit hole of our psyche
19:30 doors
20:00 BLUAI
21:00 Camille Camille
Presale: € 7,00
At the door: € 13,00
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