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conversation techniques in debate

conversation techniques in debate

Mon 01 Feb 2021
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Do you dream of taking the stage  to participate in the public debate? Always looking for the truth and willing to reach it through an open conversation? Do you enjoy looking up information, building up arguments and having a convincing conversation? Then this masterclass is made for you!

Echo chambers are a phenomenon in which personal views are always confirmed. Social media algorithms play an important role in this. The consequence? We are less open to other ideas. A critical search for the truth seems to be compromised. But during this festival  we want to revitalize the culture of the public debate. And you can be part of it.
With Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, Warda El-Kaddouri, Caroline Pauwels, Jonathan Holslag en Khalid Benhaddou
Own ideas echo in a reinforcing sound box around us. With every click on the worldwide web, algorithms increase the volume of that cabinet, until voices from other angles disappear like unintelligible noise in the background. What's the danger behind this booming sound box? And how can we counter this? 2020 was undeniably the year in which conspiracy thinking, algorithms and polarization came together in full light.
The masterclass is a package consisting of a lecture by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer and 4 sessions by well-known pros who prepare you for the boards. As icing on the cake, you will have a talk with one of the masterclass supervisors.


  • Send us your motivation letter (max 1 A4) and curriculum to Lieselotte Vaneeckhaute and Nora Mahammed by Monday 1 February before 10 am. 
  • We will let you know if you are one of the 12 selected participants no later than Friday 12 February. When you submit your candidacy, you commit to participate in the entire package. 
  • The masterclass is offered online. 
  • Spoken language: Dutch.

04 March 2021: Truth
Keynote about the importance of truth in 2021 — Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer
08 March 2021: Invention and Order
How do you prepare for a debate? How do you collect information? What is your argument and how do you build it up? What are argument amplifiers? — Jonathan Holslag
11 March 2021: Wording
How do you convey that message?
15 March 2021: Conversation Techniques
How do you respond to the other's arguments and how do you respond to criticism. How do you recognize fallacies? How do you refute? How do you steer a conversation in a constructive direction? — Warda El-Kaddouri
18 March 2021: Memory Training and Lecture
How do I remember the information and argumentation that I looked up and collected for the debate? How do I convey it in a convincing and orderly manner? How do you discover and create a personal conversation style? — Khalid Benhaddou
25 March 2021: Debate
Lights out, spot on! Recording day during which you'll have a debate with one of the promotors

Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer (c) Stephane Vanfleteren, Warda El-Kaddouri (c) Tammy Van Nerum, Caroline Pauwels (c) Thierry Geenen, Jonathan Holslag (c) Jonathan Holslag, Khalid Benhaddou (c) Khalid Benhaddou

PILAR, deBuren and Scherpsteller Warda El-Kaddouri are joining forces to compile the educational part of the multidisciplinary arts festival Pilar ASAP - The Echo Edition.
04/03: 20.00u-21.30u
08/03 - 11/03 - 15/03 - 18/03 - 25/03: 20.00u - 21.00u
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