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Dansende Beren Showcase

Dansende Beren Showcase

Thu 06 Oct 2022
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Music platform Dansende Beren returns to Pilar on Thursday, October 6 with a showcase of the most new exciting Belgian & Dutch acts. Seven promising acts will make their appearance. Are you coming to spot new talent before they have their big breakthrough? Free entrance, come early. 



Life sucks in 2022, almost as hard as RONKER hits you in the teeth. RONKER's heaviness lies in simplicity. With one leg deeply rooted in the guitar violence of the nineties and the other entwined in the reverberation of the eighties, RONKER deliberately balances on the edge of extremes. Blackened Post-Punkgaze for Nine Inch Nails fans, or just indie metal? Who's to say!



EMILINE is a rising artist in Belgium who immediately catches the eye and ear with her catchy pop songs and striking make-up looks. Her first single 'Smalltalk' was well received and quickly found its way to the Flemish radio playlists. 'Don't Really Really Care' followed in the same upward trend. In 2022, EMILINE was nominated for Radio 2 Zomerhit with 'Brain'.
You can expect a performance by a charming EMILINE with a strong presence and an enchanting voice that leads you through a set of spicy pop songs with infectious eighties synths.


Isaac Roux

Isaac Roux is the singer-songwriter project of Louis De Roo, in which he mixes indie-folk with dreamy electronica. Expect a flawless and impressive voice and a warm, minimalist sound.  
Between 2015 and 2019, Isaac Roux studied songwriting and production at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) co-founded by Paul McCartney, where he received songwriting classes and feedback from the grandmaster himself.  
Isaac Roux was the winner of the audience award at Humo's Rock Rally 2022. 
 He has already opened for Portland, The Haunted Youth, Mooneye, Isbells and The Bony King of Nowhere. He is currently working on his first EP together with producer Pieter-Jan Decraene (Sam De Nef a.o.).

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Louise Barreau

Louise Barreau is a Belgian singer, songwriter and performer. Cradled between rock, jazz and French song, she launches her first solo project delicately walking between her favorite styles. In her songs, Louise tells stories, sings about love and melancholy through a poetry intimately inspired by her personal experiences. A gentle moment, similar to a spell.

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You may recognise that primal feeling of being completely at wits' end. All you can do is simulate a nuclear explosion overhead as an expression of that utter despair. Bongloard is something of an extension of that in the form of a band. The trio of Jannes van Kaam, Ties Bogers and Jan Van Asch fires razor-sharp noise punk/garage rock projectiles with demented furys.
The band themselves don’t emerge unscathed in the heat of that skirmish, but nevertheless court the battlefield stubbornly like a deranged stunt team out of abject necessity. By embracing that hot-blooded damned if you/ damned if you don’t-energy, Bongloard prove themselves as one of the most exciting, combustible units to charge the stages.
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Amrita Khan

Amrita Khan is an emerging singer and songwriter with Russian-Pakistani roots. She took her first steps in the Belgian music industry in 2022 through a collaboration with Portuguese producer Co$tanza for debut single The Process.
She didn't sit still last summer. She released her second single Confessions and played sets in Decoratelier and at the Gentse Feesten. Her original live sets are neo-soul inspired, often mixing unique sounds and instruments such as the handpan, congas and tablas.

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Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers

Mojo and the Kitchen Brothers is a 5-headed omnium gatherum of eclectically inspired music freaks from Belgium. They cook up a late 60's early 70's minded mix of heavy progrock soaked in psychedelia. The smells emanating from there kitchen recalls bands like Black Sabbath, Wishbone Ash and Pink Floyd. However, M&TKB is more than a nostalgia trip. Firmly tuned into the spring of their contemporary psych rockers, Mojo & the Kitchen Brothers' catchy tunes, proggy riffs, deafening drums, roaring basslines and spacy, triple-guitar jams take the listener on a Janus-faced journey through the limbo between past and present.

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19:00: Doors
19:15 - 20:00 Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers (Box)
20:05 - 20:35 Amrita Khan (Bar)
20:40 - 21:10 Bongloard (Box)
21:15 - 21:45 Louise Barreau (Bar)
21:50 - 22:20 Isaac Roux (Box)    
22:25 - 22:55 Emiline (Bar)
23:00 - 23:30 Ronker (Box)   
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