House of Art & Science at VUB
Brussels, Belgium


Thu 21 Apr 2022
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Irresistible indierock + support Fake Indians

After their acclaimed debut Push Through (2016) and the well received successor Echoplasm (2021), DVKES is very eager to climb the stage again. The band – which has already proven to be quite talented (Humo's Rockrally, De Nieuwe Lichting 2020, airplay on KEXP) – has hired producer Micha Volders (Whispering Sons, The Sore Losers) for their second album. Volders pushed the band out of its comfort zone and this resulted in an new album filled with a mix of krautrock, psychedelia and early electronics. Indie rock in its purest form! DVKES surprises by adding female voices to their set of instruments. Female voices? Yes, and not just any voices! Lara Chedraoui (Intergalactic Lovers), Naomi Symons (Reena Riot) and Ciska Vanhoyland (Mon-o-Phone) were very happy to collaborate with this Antwerp based trio.
Nathalie Wijnen
DVKES’ hypnotic grooves, edgy guitars, atmospheric synths and catchy songs get a tasteful and atypical twist on the new album. You’ll hear irresistible indie rock with references to Talking Heads, Raymond Scott, Tame Impala, Goat and Devo.Let it be clear: DVKES is a versatile band that is choosing an interesting new path.
A festive record that begs for sweat, blisters on your feet from dancing and frenzied crowds - DaMusic
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Fake Indians

Fake Indians have been trotting around the international underground scene for a few years now. Armed with crappy demotapes, they left a path of destruction from France to Holland and from Germany to England. "Psychedelic noise rock slackers from Antwerp", they moan when being pressed facedown in the sand, a shotgun to the head. 
"One celled music", a visitor wrote in the concert guestbook. Fake Indians were flattered. 
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20:00 doors
20:30 Fake Indians
21:15 DVKES
Presale: € 7,00
At the door: € 13,00
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