Ear to Sea

Ear to Sea

Mon 15 May 2023
€5.00 / Presale (-26y)
€7.00 / Presale
€8.00 / At the door (-26y)
€10.00 / At the door
19:45 / Doors
20:00 / Start
Pilar Box (Ground Floor)
Triomflaan, VUB Entrance 6, 1050 Brussels
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A music theater performance about the muted voices below the surface

The underwater world has a wealth of sounds. Dolphins recognize each other by whistling, porpoises orient themselves by listening to the echo of their click signals and fish talk by drumming, grunting, screeching and creaking. However, man does not pass silently by the sea either. The sonars and propellers of ships, explosives from the oil and gas industry and the creak of sleeping nets being pulled through the bottom go through the marrow and fin, and lie the harmony of the soundscape. Cusk Collective brings the underwater world in all its beauty and brutality to the stage in the musical theater performance Ear to Sea.
Ear to Sea gives the muted voices of the sea a voice again. To this end, Cusk Collective listened below the waterline and let representatives of these voices speak: scientists who investigate the phenomenon of underwater noise and sound pollution.
The starting point of the performance is the search for how scientific language and underwater sound can interact with and be amplified by music and movement.
The performance will be followed by a short reflection by the scientists involved


Created & performed by  Kristien Doumen, Alex Smith, Jenna Vergeynst and Rúben Borges
The scientists: Clea Parcerisas, Elisabeth Debusschere, Eric Parmentier and Katja Philippart
With the warm support of Pilar (Brussels), WARP (Sint-Niklaas), Walpurgis (Mortsel), De Koer (Ghent), PostX (Ghent) en kleinVerhaal (Ostend), where this performance was created through various residency programs and with the support of Sabam for Culture and the Flemish Government.

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