John Ghost, Bandler Ching

John Ghost, Bandler Ching

Tue 06 Oct 2020
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Jazz across borders - SOLD OUT

John Ghost
Seemingly simple earwigs contain through-composed passages, underpinned by driving undertones, inspiring harmonic twists and a rhythmic and melodic stratification that often results in a very danceable soundtrack.
John Ghost is ingenious and accessible, often described as a symbiosis between the sounds of Steve Reich, Nils Frahm and Jaga Jazzist.
In autumn 2019 they will be releasing their second album, ‘Airships Are Organisms’, through Sdban Records. For the realization of this second brainchild, the six went looking for the balance between the risky, open and playful character of jazz music in which the group has its origin on the one hand, and a carefully thought out selection process within production, with a sharp eye and ear for details. Herein the band was accompanied by Jørgen Træen, producer of, among others, the Norwegian electro-jazz group Jaga Jazzist, Kaizers Orchestra, Hubro and Sondre Lerche.
Open-minded, imaginative, Ghent: the new jazziness continues on John Ghost's second record **** — Focus Knack

A record that alternately reminds you of Nils Frahm, Frank Zappa, Steve Reich and Jaga Jazzist? Faut le faire. **** — De Morgen
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Bandler Ching
Bandler Ching was born out of the musical mind of saxofonist/composer Ambroos De Schepper. The project grew developed into a mix of influences from jazz, hip-hop, electro to –what we like to call- groove based music. Compositions are often based on one drum groove and develop a story in which the saxophone is being used not only as a solist instrument but also as an accompaniment or as part of the groove. With the whole bandcrew having a jazz background, freedom and improvisation are the two keystones of their creations. Their first EP will be released this fall.
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Doors: 19:30
20:00 Bandler Ching
21:15 John Ghost
Presale: € 7,00
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