Learning from the Ocean as a Space

Learning from the Ocean as a Space

Thu 27 Apr 2023
19:00 / Doors
19:15 / Start
Pilar Expo (First & Second Floor)
Triomflaan, Entrance 6
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A conversation on territory and migration with artist Filip Van Dingenen, researcher Filip Huyghe (VUB) and Joost Wouters from The Seaweed Company .
Taking the ocean as a space, one could ask: what can humans learn from sea plants or macroalgae (seaweed) in terms of migration? Just as flying is a form of thinking for birds, the floating movements in oceanic space are important for kelps & algae. How and what can we – humans – learn from the 'choreographic conditions' generated by tidal patterns and moon phases when guided by seaweed and kelp? What can we learn from these choreographic conditions of algae in the ocean as a space? And how can we include an animist perspective in a European legal context?
A conversation with Filip Van Dingenen (Platform for Algae Diplomacy), Filip Huyghe (VUB) and Joost Wouters (The Seaweed Company), moderated by Heidi Ballet.

This conversation is part of the exhibition Tidal Zone Experiences that takes place from April 20 until May 25 at Pilar.
19:15 – 20:45: Conversation with Filip Van Dingenen,researcher Filip Huyghe & Joost Wouters, moderated by Heidi Ballet.
You have the possibility to visit the exhibition afterwards (open until 22:00)

Platform for Algae Diplomacy

The Platform for Algae Diplomacy (Filip Van Dingenen & Hélène Meyer) is an open initiative created by a variety of sea plants together with artists, activists and critters. The Platform organizes lectures, performances, seaweed cuttings and ceremonial tastings/bathings. Inspired and choreographed by the tidal movements and migration patterns, and guided by the moon phases and its constellation, it pursues an interrelated linguistic embodiment of seaweed rights & seaweed spirits. Through a playful approach the Platform for Algae Diplomacy encourages an openness and ongoing curiosity for learnings and guidance by plants and other-than-human entities. The Platform on Algae Diplomacy acts as a model to identify and promote the needs and urgencies of critical resistance, to expand narratives and support the inclusion & equality of multiple voices. The Platform has realized workshops and exhibitions in a.o. Ireland, Norway, Belgium, France, Morocco and Turkey.

Joost Wouters

Joost Wouters a.k.a. The Seaweed Speaker loves to share his passion for seaweed. He is the founder and SeaEO of The Seaweed Company, a value driven Dutch-based organisation that is farming seaweed all over the globe to support the health & wellbeing of humans, animals, crops and soils.

Heidi Ballet

Heidi Ballet is a curator with a research interest in oceans. She works at DE SINGEL in Antwerp and was the artistic director of the Beaufort Triennial on the Belgian coast between 2017 and 2021. She co-curated the Tallinn Photomonth Biennial in 2019 and the Lofoten Biennial (LIAF) in 2017. In 2016 she curated the Satellite exhibition series Our Ocean, Your Horizon at Jeu de Paume Paris and CAPC Bordeaux and The Morality Reflex at CAC Vilnius. Between 2012 and 2015 she worked as a research curator at HKW Berlin for the exhibition project After Year Zero which was shown at HKW in 2013 and then traveled to the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw in 2015.

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