Les Barons (2009) - Nabil Ben Yadir

Les Barons (2009) - Nabil Ben Yadir

Tue 01 Jun 2021
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Take Care Open Air - Campus Kaai

Enough of this indoor sobbing behind those mini screens. Cinema RITCS, Pilar and UAB treat your hungry, cinephile eyes and ears to three Belgian film gems. Take Care Open Air Cinema, a free open-air cinema for Brussels students, brings your necessary portion of light-hearted harmony on a large outdoor screen. Do you need a moment of relaxation during this study period? Embrace our take care program and reserve your free spot on one of the three campuses. 
‘We are all born in life with an allocated credit of steps. When you are out of steps, you die.’ This is a short summary of the philosophy of the Barons, a friend group from Brussels who do not take life all too seriously. Among them is Hassan (Nader Boussandel), whose dream it is to write jokes every day. Before he can make that dream come true, though, he will have to face many obstacles. Enter real life. In Nabil Ben Yadir’s honest comedy, he dares to dig deep into notions of racism, prejudice and family drama, without the film ever getting too heavy. With a kind heart, and an impressive speed “Les Barons” flies by, Boussandel in the driver’s seat. On top of that, the film is filled with ingenious tricks of the trade.  Screening in the presence of the director Nabil Ben Yadir.

Practical Information

  • Outdoor screening, free entrance, reservation needed.
  • Reservation via CINEMA RITCS.
  • Find the exact location on campus Kaai: here.
  • Doors  7:30 PM, start 8:20 PM.
  • We provide a screen + the necessary seats.
  • Feeling cozy? Bring your own seat or picnic blanket.
  • French spoken - English subtitles.
in collaboration with CINEMA RITCS and UAB. 
This project was made possible thanks to VGC.
As part of Take Care Tue 25 May — Tue 01 Jun 2021 Open Air Cinema Free Open Air Cinema for Students
07:30PM doors
08:20 PM introduction with Nabil Ben Yadir
08:30 PM start film (106’)
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