Loving is Allowed

Loving is Allowed

Mon 07 Mar 2022
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Collectief Elan(d) & LOD Muziektheater

Loving is Allowed is a dance theater party in collaboration with Fonkel (Silent Disco) in which the music and theater world coalesce. As with 'In between spaces', Collective Elan(d) investigates social dynamics and the mutual relationships between the participants. This visual performance takes you into a physical experience in which you navigate between the collective and the individual. Through which glasses do you look at your fellow man? Are you rather expectant or enterprising? What place do you occupy within a group? With 'Loving is Allowed'we pay tribute to the party where people meet.
Three channels
Three colors
Three groups
What colors you?

Collectief Elan(d)

Collectief Elan(d) is a performing collective from Ghent. Three female makers/performers with a background in choreography, directing and creative therapy unite within this collective. Chloé Geers, Katrijn De Cooman and Jitse Huysmans form an unusual combination, but one that produces playful performances in which the audience is given the leading role. Encounter runs like a red thread through their work, in which they consciously break through the passive role of the audience and play with alternative audience configurations.
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CONCEPT AND PERFORMANCE  Katrijn De Cooman, Chloé Geers, & Jitse Huysmans COACH Tom Rummens TECHNIQUE Jannes Dierynck PRODUCTION LOD Muziektheater COPRODUCTION Kunstencentrum Vooruit
WITH THE SUPPORT OF De Vlaamse Overheid & Stad Gent IN COLLABORATION WITH Fonkel Silent Disco THANKS TO Het Huis Utrecht, CC Brugge, Laika, Haider Lateef Al-Khafaji, Erik Pelicaen, Marleen Callebaut, Mohanad Najah, Yves Geers and all the participating public during open rehearsals PHOTOGRAPHER PROMO IMAGE RudyCarlier FILM Robbe Maes

Fun Fact

Our exhibition ‘Hello there, I just wanted to ask how you’re doing’ is open for a visit from 7-10 pm during every activity that’s planned in Pilar Box. Feel free to treat us with a little visit!

As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 03 — Thu 31 Mar 2022 Your Current Mood Edition We fall down the rabbit hole of our psyche
Start: 8pm
In English
Presale: € 8,00
At the door: € 11,00
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