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Low End Brussels Presents: String Theory

Low End Brussels Presents: String Theory

Fri 25 Feb 2022
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Friends Promoting Independent Artists from Brussels (new date))

LOW END BRUSSELS are a couple of friends with a common passion: MUSIC. 
This city is a creative and vibrant place with a rich variety of artists waiting to be discovered. Their mission: to give these young creatives a boost. String Theory focuses on three young independent rock bands with an enormous amount of energy. A unique chance to discover new Brussels-based bands.
MUD is a straight forward garage rock band decorated with synths. They have been around for a few years now and worked out a well working recipe for appealing songs. Every instrument is in harmony with another and every instrument is not afraid to stand out. A perfect blend of sound.
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Tidepool was formed after three friends were asked to play a punk show in the Palace in Brussels. Not having played together yet, they created a 30 minute show in about a month time. The show was a success so they decided to step it up a notch by releasing two singles and are now working on a forthcoming album. Their sound is a mix of straightforward distorted bass lines decorated with rather simple but interesting guitar melodies. The drums are tight patterns created on a drum machine and the vocals are ... well, let's put it this way: the lead singer is not afraid to scream his lungs out. 
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Ænigmata knows how to combine the heavy and melodic with the dreamy and beautiful in their unique blend of music that draws from bands such as Mastodon, Opeth, Snarky Puppy, James Blake, Deftones… Ever on a quest to write songs that move the listener both physically and emotionally this Brussels based band looks for the beauty in the madness that is life by questioning it and deftly defying the norms and dogma’s as they create their own sound and musical language that leaves no one indifferent.
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Extra & Ongoing

Exclusive Clothing sale Ksaar

Photography expo by Melvin Podolski
Artwork by Filalova art
19:30 - doors
20:00 - 20u30 Ænigmata
20:45 - 21:30 Tidepool
21:50 - 22:35 MUD

Clothing sale from Ksaar
Photography by Melvin Podolski
Artwork by Filalova Art
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