Make-a-thon with Nerdlab

Make-a-thon with Nerdlab

Wed 21 Feb 2024
€5.00 / Presale (-26y)
€8.00 / Presale
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13:30 / Doors
17:30 / Start
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During this make-a-thon (making things together), Nerdlab takes you into the wonderful world of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. In a short period of time we work intensively together and come up with new ideas with an emphasis on learning to network. The workshop starts with a jointly formulated challenge or problem. We tackle this challenge with the help of Artificial Intelligence, which we use to maximum effect and in many different ways to create solutions or instruments to solve the problem or challenge. At the end of the make-a-thon we present a prototype of a usable and innovative product or a concrete solution.


Nerdlab is an art educational organization that believes that young people will save the world. To this end, they focus on the development of creative, technical and social skills through their operations.
Nerdlab creates with young people and shares its knowledge with everyone who works with them. They also guide organizations or companies with innovative challenges.

As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 15 Feb — Fri 15 Mar 2024 The Posthuman Edition Exploring the next chapter of human existence
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