OHME Unframed - Liquidity Edition

OHME Unframed - Liquidity Edition

Fri 23 Oct 2020
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What is fluidity? If we look at how it is defined by dictionaries, we find it’s the quality of being smooth and beautiful, or likely to change (Oxford Dictionary); it is the physical property of a substance that enables it to flow (Merriam Webster); the quality of being likely to change repeatedly and unexpectedly, or of being continuous (Cambridge Dictionary). 

All these definitions are similar, reminiscent of a state of being that is momentary, characterized by movement and impermanence. Can the so-called hard sciences and the humanities come together around a single word, and investigate its multifaceted meaning? To what extent can fluidity as understood by a physicist or a chemist be compared with that understood by a sociologist or an artist?

Can this exchange enrich the interpretation that we all have of what’s fluidity and how we understand it in the society we inhabit? 

Ohme brings together scientists, researchers, and artists to explore one single word and unfold the multiple meanings and repercussions it has on our knowledge and perceptions.

About Ohme

Founded in 2017 by a team of engineers and culture professionals, Ohme is an organization developing new practices of scientific mediation, interdisciplinary artistic creation and innovation, through collaborative practices.
Ohme investigates the boundaries between artistic and scientific disciplines, re-designing practices and contributing to the development of new understandings of interdisciplinarity, with a keen interest in education, co-creation and sharing of knowledge.

By bringing together established and emerging artists, scientists, researchers and students, Ohme develops performances, installations, multidisciplinary events and academic programs on a variety of subjects, spanning from physics to music, from neurosciences to digital arts, from design to social sciences.

As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 15 Oct — Thu 12 Nov 2020 The fluid identity edition Semi-annual, multidisciplinary festival by Pilar
6pm - 8pm
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