Free Party
Opening Night

Opening Night

Thu 17 Oct 2019
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Celebrate the Birth of Pilar

Whoooooaah-ohhh-ohh-ohh, we are throwing a party, and you are all invited. From 8pm onwards, we'll open the doors to our brand-new venue. Let us be your preacher for the night. The existential sadness that has been bothering you for weeks, will disappear like snow before the sun. We promise. 
FYI, the Opening Night also marks the launch of the first Pilar ASAP festival.  A new semi-annual, multidisciplinary festival with a narrative programme. Attuned to the pulse of society, we merge different artistic and scientific disciplines. “What‘s this all about?”, you say. Well, find out here!
Rare Akuma
Black Mamba


Ikraaan — 20:30

With her heart on her sleave, straight to your heart. Ikraaan creates music out of a holy necessity. This dark r&b and soul trap glitter princess sings about her own demons. About obstacles on her route and the many wells in the road that she encountered.
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Rare Akuma — 21:15

Mix Slipknot with Kanye, add some beats to the mix and you’ll come pretty close. Rare Akuma is an exploding vessel of creativity. His instrumentals were picked-up by New Orleans’ $uicideboy$ and his music is good for hundreds of thousands of streams on Soundcloud. This summer Akuma set fire to the stages of Dour, Whoo Hah and Fire is Gold.
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OMG, we feel blessed. DVTCH NORRIS traded Antwerp for Brussels as its home base and exceeded the expectations with his ep Fahad Seriki, I hate you.. Delightfully honest, endlessly classy but above all TOPNVTCH !


Black Mamba — 23:10

Your favorite R&B classics, grime, new school hip hop and global sounds supplier. Ain’t no mountain high enough for this musical omnivore.
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Yooth — 00:40

A little party never killed nobody. Who else but Yooth is the perfect match to guide us through the night. Yooth has a fresh take on the urban music spectrum. He brings flavours from all over the world together in one spicey DJ-set, full of future beats, Afrobass, hip hop, and funky tunes. Be sure to check his Brussels-based events ‘Brikabrak’, where he assembles varied line-ups of live acts, rappers and DJ’s while raising awareness and funds for international good causes.
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Free Party


20:00 — Doors
20:30 — Ikraaan
21:15 — Rare Akuma
23:10 — Black Mamba 
00:40 — Yooth
04:00 — End 

As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 17 Oct — Thu 14 Nov 2019 The for X's sake edition What about the current quest for ‘true existence’?
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