Passing the Bechdel Test

Passing the Bechdel Test

Thu 22 Oct 2020
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fABULEUS & GRIP, Jan Martens

In Passing the Bechdel Test, 13 youngsters (v/x) utter the words of a wide range of female writers and thinkers, from Virginia Woolf to Maggie Nelson. This radically linguistic performance tackles feminism, sexuality, gender, and the experience of being a woman or not. Text fragments from letters, diaries, and essays written by female authors,.., form the basis of this whirlwind of a piece. Passing the Bechdel Test is a plea to become that person you want to become. Because the possibilities are endless. 
As early as 1929, Virginia Woolf stated that female characters are generally defined by their relationship to men. In the 1980s, the Bechdel test was developed, an informal test that assesses fiction for sexism. You pass the test when you put on at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. Applied to today's mainstream films and literature, the results remain dire.

In this performance, the youngsters crawl into each other's skin and that of female personalities: from Virginia Woolf to Susan Sontag, from Toni Morrison to Ma ie Nelson. Text excerpts from letters, diaries, lyrics, essays, and TED talks form the frame to which their own biography is added. For the first time, Jan Martens is fully drawn to text. From his choreographic perspective, he designs, together with the young people, a manifesto for the future 

Photo by Clara Hermans
Photo by Clara Hermans
Photo by Clara Hermans


CREATION Jan Martens WITH Isabel Braamkolk, Noor Caestecker, A. Claassen, Renée De Coninck, Luna Glowacki, Bente Govaerts, Noor Hollemeersch, Birgit Lesage, Marie Libens, Hannah Peiren, Celina Vercruysse, Yanou Van Dessel & Mirren Vandenberk ARTISTIC ASSISTANCE Kimmy Ligvoet DRAMATURGY Peter Anthonissen ADVICE Rudi Meulemans LIGHT DESIGN Elke Verachtert COSTUME ADVICE Lotte Stek PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Teresa Wouters & Sylvie Svanberg DISTRIBUTION Vincent Company INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION A Propic / Line Rousseau & Marion Gauvent  THANKS TO Renée Copraij, Fransien van der Putt, Moos van den Broek, Simone Atangana Bekono & Siska Baeck PRODUCTION fABULEUS & GRIP 
CO-PRODUCTION tanzhaus nrw & STUK 

WITH THE SUPPORT OF the City of Leuven, The Flemish Government
GRIP is a choreographic platform that produces and supports the work of choreographer Jan Martens.
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