Peenoise & Rumours

Peenoise & Rumours

Thu 06 May 2021

10 jaar VOX (postponed)

10 years of Belgian booking agent VOX. This calls for a celebration.
Fearless is a quality Rumours search for in music. Shamanhop can best be situated somewhere between trip-hop, low-key techno and shaman pop. Rumours bring it like no other. A perfect introduction can be heard on their debut ‘Megamix’ (2018), which received very good reviews. In the spring of 2021 the EP "How Many Roses" was released, Rumours' first feature on the young Brussels Sentimental label of Fenne and Kobe of Whispering Sons. Despite COVID-19, the group has had a nice post-summer tour with concerts in OLT in Antwerp and sold-out passages in Ghent, Kortrijk, and Leuven. New work expected in 2021.

RUMOURS | Hannah Vandenbussche // Stefanie Mannaerts // Jonas Boermans // Jan Berckmans
Geert Braekers
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Peenoise creates otherworldly compositions; a harmonious blend of buzzing minimal synths with washes of experimental guitars, topped by the brothers' haunting vocals. Leaving room for the songs to breathe, the result is a mysterious kind of Avant pop; captivating, spacious yet vulnerable at the same time. Peenoise has a soft spot for weird and absurd imagery that seamlessly connects the songs to the videos, often hinting at possible new worlds. 

Their first record “Forevergem” describes the relationship between small personal earthly stories and existential questions in the context of the great cosmos. Seemingly small stories floating in infinity without a clear place and purpose. Acceptance of greatness and unanswered questions. Their sound reflects this line of thought, creating a collage of mysterious, spherical sounds and songs. 

"Peenoise doesn't stay in the lines of the average pop song, both in structure and sound, but just because of that it sounds very otherworldly and exciting." — Compact Disk Dummies
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Cooproduction with VOX

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