Thu 01 Oct 2020
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Ass-kicking double guitar bill - SOLD OUT

Peuk is the triumvirate of Nele, Jacques and Dave. Each of them engaged in all sorts of other projects (Evil Superstars, Millionaire, Heisa), but when together they guarantee pissed-off sludge pop with a solid Riot Grrrl at the front. Their long-awaited self-titled debut album (FONS Records, 2019) was vomited onto tape in just one day, rough and unpolished like all the best rock 'n' roll. Think of an early Cat Power borrowing Sonic Youth amps and deciding in the end, to not return them. Last year Peuk was put forward by Belgian musicians in HUMO as the next best thing. Ever since, the band performed at an unending flow of club concerts in the Benelux and experienced a particularly hot and busy festival summer (festivals, remember?) with Pukkelpop, Les Ardentes, Rock Herk and Leffingeleuren on the agenda. Peuk already opened for dEUS, Black Box Revelation and IDLES. Need to say more? 

"Kim Gordon to the left and Courtney Barnett to the right, the singer-guitarist has a damn infectious singing voice. Orphaned fans of Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill, Belly and even Mazzy Star can come out of their crawl space" — De Morgen

"Peuk is dangerously good" — Humo ****

"The real bastard child of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain is simply called Nele Janssen. Peuk rolls a cigarette off their idols, sets it on fire and mercilessly blows the quirky cloud of smoke in your face" — DaMusic ****

"A succulent headshot. Again and again. You don't come across many like Peuk " — Written in Music ****

Anyone who claims that surprising indie music doesn't exist anymore did not listen to Joni, the incredible debut album from HEISA. HEISA hits you in the face and soothes you, in no particular order. Sometimes even at the same time. Possessed but measured. Uncomfortable but fascinating. In the best tradition of unconventional bands, ranging from Tool over Battles to Warpaint, HEISA forges songs that are characteristic of surprise and enchantment. Indie, yes, but nothing like you ever heard before. HEISA loves rhythms, atmospheres, keyboards, and painstakingly built tension with punishing guitars and waves of distortion.

HEISA are Jacques Nomdefamille (vocals, bass, keyboard), Koen Castermans (guitar, backing vocals), Jonathan Frederix (drums, backing vocals)

"Not only is this an instantly memorable, demanding, and ultimately rewarding listen, it’s also the most danceable noise/math/post/grunge album in at least a decade. Beautiful, aggressive, ambient, subtle and cataclysmic, ‘Joni’ is a phenomenal and essentially perfect debut" — Deadpress, UK
Koen Bauters
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