run SOFA, Cassecouilles, Peenoise

run SOFA, Cassecouilles, Peenoise

Thu 29 Oct 2020
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3 bands, impossible to pigeonhole

run SOFA
After having smashed the stages of big festivals like Dour, Les Ardentes and Ronquières, run SOFA is back this year with a rock-solid live show. During Les Nuits Botanique 2019 they presented their upcoming EP 'The Joy of Missing Out'. It's influenced by the finest of this era including acts such as Show Me The Body, Ho99o9 and Sleaford Mods. The cousins from Charleroi always keep on evolving and maintain a very special liberating sound in the Belgian music scene. Live they are a bomb that hits you like a tsunami. "Pumping beats, swirling noise effects and flowing lyrics, an impressive wall of sound" — Luminous Dash
Olympe Tits

Peenoise creates otherworldly compositions; a harmonious blend of buzzing minimal synths with washes of experimental guitars, topped by the brothers' haunting vocals. Leaving room for the songs to breathe, the result is a mysterious kind of Avant pop; captivating, spacious yet vulnerable at the same time. Peenoise has a soft spot for weird and absurd imagery that seamlessly connects the songs to the videos, often hinting at possible new worlds. 

Their first record “Forevergem” describes the relationship between small personal earthly stories and existential questions in the context of the great cosmos. Seemingly small stories floating in infinity without a clear place and purpose. Acceptance of greatness and unanswered questions. Their sound reflects this line of thought, creating a collage of mysterious, spherical sounds and songs. 

"Peenoise doesn't stay in the lines of the average pop song, both in structure and sound, but just because of that it sounds very otherworldly and exciting." — Compact Disk Dummies

Avant-garde nonsense, that’s maybe the best way to define CasseCouillles. A stream of noise, thunderous sound and infectious idiocy. The five-piece from Ghent / Leuven was founded in 2018 and has built up a strong live reputation in recent years. In February, the band released their first single "Boy", a 6-minute trip spanning the spectrum from Krautrock to Dreampop. For fans of Shht, Gestapo Knallmuzik and Queen.
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