Thu 08 — Fri 23 Apr 2021
SENSORIAL SKINS + WOVEN BY NATURE is a two-part exhibition organised by 1. PILAR (House of Art and Science, VUB) and 2. iMAL (International Centre for Art and Science in Brussels). The two exhibitions show complementary work that focuses on the collaboration between microorganisms and humans. The art installations are constructed with the results of fieldwork on the potential of algae and bacteria as weavers of textiles and on how  these textiles are transformed into (soft) sculptures of remarkable beauty, creating a new kind of art.

In the exhibition SENSORIAL SKINS + WOVEN BY NATURE all steps of the artistic research methods, transforming objects from nature into cultural artefacts, are highlighted. The artwork 'L'Origine du Monde', for example, shows cyanobacteria (microalgae) in enlarged laboratory glassware and in DIY bioreactors and these glass containers are presented in different spatial configurations. Other installations show dry and processed macro-algae that are woven into new tissues that then become the primary material for making soft sculptures. The visitor sees specimens, cultures, substances cultivated by microorganisms, DIY bioreactors, assemblages and sculptures, and visualizations by means of digital techniques as photographs presented in light boxes. It is as if one walks into a wonder cabinet that slowly reveals to us the invisible world of bacteria and algae and the endless series of remarkable structures that they can produce.
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Artist: Annemarie Maes 
Curator: Camilla Colombo - 
Production and Technical Support: Erland Jacobsen
Production: SO-ON vzw 

The exhibition consists of two parts: 
Part 1 in Pilar - Opening: 8/4/2021 
Part 2 in iMal - Opening: 29/4/2021

For this presentation with new work by AnneMarie Maes, developed during the lockdown, a cultural activity grant was requested from the Flemish Government
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