Slow Crush

Slow Crush

Fri 03 Feb 2023
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Support: Cecilia::Eyes

Belgian shoegaze gem Slow Crush will present their acclaimed 'Hush' album one more time after two years of intensive touring, before they get back into the studio.
Slow Crush is considered one of the leading bands in today's shoegaze revival. Yet their sound is more layered than that. The foursome combine influences from grunge, noise-pop and post-rock into an intense wall of sound. Stereogum described them as "fucking phenomenal" and Kerrang! called Slow Crush one of the hottest bands of the moment.


‘The sound of Slow Crush live bring you to a beautiful alternate reality. They’re one of the hottest live bands on earth right now.’ (Kerrang)
'Aurora is one of the best shoegaze albums I’ve heard in a good long time. It’s fucking phenomenal. There is a slowness to this music; a transcendent, diaphanous beauty. However, quite plainly, it will crush you.' (Stereogum)

Slow Crush is one of the leading bands in the contemporary shoegaze revival landscape, but their sound is more layered than that. Jelle 'Harde' Ronsmans, Jeroen Jullet and Frederik Meeuwis combine influences from grunge, noise-pop and post rock to build an intense wall of sound, added by the dreamy voice of Isa Holliday. The band likes to play with contrasts and even had its own effects pedal developed. The result is a unique sound that im-mediately earned them a solid reputation at home and abroad. 
In 2017, after only two live shows, Slow Crush were booked at the leading Roadburn festival. This is where everything took off. They score reviews and features in influential international publications such as Kerrang! ("one of the hottest live bands on earth right now") and Stere-ogum ("one of the best shoegaze albums I've heard in a good long time. It's fucking phenome-nal").
Slow Crush was touring hard, until it all suddenly went quiet in 2020. Despite the silence, the band has not been idle. They found a home with new labels (Quiet Panic (US) and Church Road Records (UK)), did a fourth re-press of their debut album and got into the studio to rec-ord a load of fresh music. And so Slow Crush came back with a BANG. The powerful, insur-mountable and hopeful 'Hush' resounded internationally in some 80 venues in the course of 2022. Before they end this impressive period of touring and get back into the studio, we are very honoured to have Slow Crush on the floor for their last Belgian show.
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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Belgian shoegaze/post-rock veterans Cecilia::Eyes, the last time being back in 2014 when they released their third LP Disappearance. Eight years can feel like a lifetime, but thankfully their newest double album Sore Memories Always End is expansive enough to fill that vast space. At over seventy-five minutes, this record may look intimidating on the surface, but listeners will find it’s much the opposite. Shimmering melodies, dreamlike song structures, disembodied vocals, and production that seems to reveal limitless layers all coalesce to form exactly the sort of album that benefits from a meditatively meandering running time. 
“The band tells a story that fascinates and drags you completely in with steady developments to long atmospheric climaxes and indescribable dreamy landscapes.” — ZWARE METALEN
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Doors: 20:00
Presale: € 10,00
At the door: € 13,00
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