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These Selves - guided virtual tour

These Selves - guided virtual tour

Tue 17 Nov 2020
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Guided virtual tour through the exhibition "These Selves"

Museum closed? No worries. Curator Maarten Vanermen takes you on a virtual visit to the exhibition 'These Selves'. Our identities are as fluid as our personal experiences are diverse. They are not rigid, their boundaries are blurred and fluid. “These Selves” shows works that challenge and question themes such as multiple identity, gender fluidity, intersectionality and stereotypes.

"These selves of which we are built up, one on top of another, as plates piled on a waiter’s hand, have attachments elsewhere, sympathies, little constitutions and rights of their own, call them what you will for everybody can multiply from his own experience the different terms which his different selves have made with him"— Virginia Woolf
With work by:
Loulou João
Clara-Lane Lens
Stef Van Looveren
Lore Stessel
Gecureerd door Maarten Vanermen
Fotos door Silvia Cappellari
Spoken language: Dutch
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Start: 20:00
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