Wasteland by Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van Der Wee

Wasteland by Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van Der Wee

Thu 04 May 2023
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Pilar Box (Ground Floor)
Triomflaan, VUB Entrance 6, 1050 Brussels
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How do you make a landscape tangible with sound? What encounters and connections take place? And what can listening to a landscape tell us?
Booreiland is a multimedia performance in which listening is central. In a series of poetic sound portraits set around a research vessel and an oil platform, this performance sketches the fragile relationship between man, technology and the sea.
Over 900 oil and gas platforms are spread over the territorial North Sea waters of various European countries. While our demand for energy is only increasing, the oil and gas fields in Europe are gradually being exhausted.
Over time, the ancient platforms have been transformed into artificial reefs, which provide food and protection for marine organisms. The production platform thus becomes a symbolic place where people, technology and marine life come together.
On the basis of auditory scenes and sound compositions, Booreiland sketches the field of tension between a deep-rooted belief in endless economic growth and its impact on the ecosystems of the North Sea. In addition, it is a time document that preserves the voices of the life forms that are disappearing as a result of human exploitation.

The performance starts from a listening attitude: what do the soundscapes of the North Sea tell us? What is our relationship with the sea? What do we want from the sea and what do we give it back? And does the sea have value to us as a sea, apart from its value to man?
Landforms is the makers collective of Gillis Van der Wee and Lotte Nijsten. Together they explore the landscapes that surround us through sound and stories, paying attention to the polyphony that characterizes each landscape.

Lotte (1994°) is a documentary maker and stage artist who works poetically with the relationship between man and landscape. She obtained a master's degree in Linguistics and Literature at the VUB and a master's degree in Audiovisual Arts | Radio (RITCS). Her work has been selected for various audio and theater festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. She is also a member of the board of directors of Klankverbond.

Gillis (1992°) is a sound and stage artist from Leuven. He focuses on the volatile relationship between sound and music. He obtained a degree in Sociology at KU Leuven and graduated in 2021 in Sound Design at RITCS, School of Arts. He currently works as a sound designer and composer for various independent film and audio makers. His compositions have won several prizes, including the soundscape composition of BOZAR and Week van de Klank.

Their joint works were nominated for the Prix Europa (2020) and won the Prix Découverte Pierre Schaeffer at the Phonurgia Nova Awards in Paris (2022). In addition, in 2021 they received the Wildcard from the Nieuwstelijk. This Wildcard resulted in the performance Booreiland, a multimedia performance about the North Sea.


concept & stage directionLotte Nijsten & Gillis Van Der Wee interviews & text Lotte Nijsten field recording Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van Der Wee sound design Gillis Van Der Wee music Thomas Van Walle & Gillis Van der Wee scenography Fleur Roggeman lighting design Seppe Brouckaert photo Cato Beljaars & Lotte Nijsten dramaturgy Stijn Demeulenaere, Adriaan Van Aken & Christophe Aussems in collaboration with Het Nieuwstelijk and Cas-Co co-production of De Grote Post supported by De Vlaamse Overheid and Sabam For Culture thanks to Musica, NIOZ, VLIZ, RITCS School of Arts and EEN -Dyas

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