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we.KONEKT: Supafly Collective x Lefto

we.KONEKT: Supafly Collective x Lefto

Thu 01 Apr 2021
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The Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ancienne Belgique, together with Pilar and student associations Limburgia and Campina, dive into the hip hop scene from the 70s 80s 90s. Together with Lefto and Supafly Collective we dance the lockdown away. A great digital dance party with party box. Release the brakes on April 1 in the comfort and safety of your home.
👉🏽 Livestream via the AB Youtube channel
👉🏽 Want to join the party in Zoom? Register here.

WATCH the party on Youtube, WATCH the party on Zoom

How does this Digital Dance Party work?

We host a 'meeting' on Zoom where everybody can see each other and dance together. Every person who RSVPs will get the meeting login.

If you're joining the party on Zoom, please make sure to add the right flavor to the vibe:
🦄 Bring wigs, garlands, costumes, props, or sick dance moves!!
💡 Use party lighting: lamps, LEDs, blinky lights, etc.
🎥 Turn video ON
🔕 Mute yourself 
🕺 Dance dance dance!

Do I have to be on camera?

Not at all! You've got options. If you prefer to watch and not be on camera, that's totally okay! You can follow the party also on Facebook. If you join the party via Zoom, we do ask that you turn your video ON. Show off your dance moves! If you don't turn your video you shall be removed to make space for more people. 

Anything else?

Yes, keep it cool & keep it safe! Stick to the applicable corona rules. Groups that party together will be immediately removed from the party.

Partners, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Pilar, Limburgia, Campina, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Innoviris, Humanistisch verbond
Start: 20.00
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