What the God

What the God

Thu 26 Nov 2020
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A ritual club for 21st century sense seekers (postponed)

Anouk Friedli and Guus Diepenmaat are researching what faith means today and what the hell religion still has to do with it. They create a ritual club for 21st century sense seekers. Experienced ayahuasca users, spiritual beginners, conservative atheists, doubting agnostics, everyone is welcome. Will the public abandon the ratio and surrender to their gut?

About Guus Diepenmaat & Anouk Friedli

Guus Diepenmaat and Anouk Friedli are  Brussels based makers/performers. Since September 2019, they have joined forces under VZW For Real. Under this banner they develop a variety of artistic projects. Last year they performed at Kultuurfaktorij Monty with 'Alex Moons'.

In her work as a performer and director, Guus Diepenmaat examines how our bodies communicate with each other. During her training at the Ritcs she developed a great sensitivity to physicality and rhythm. She graduated with the performance 'HOHOHOHO' with which she won the special mention prize at the Itself Festival in Warsaw (Poland) in 2017. She worked with ao. Jetse Batelaan, Lizzy Timmers, Ultima Vez, Micha Goldberg and Teun Brock. Guus is currently working on an installation on gender fluidity and writing poetry.

Anouk Friedli writes, directs and plays. After her master's degree Director at  Ritcs, she achieved a master's degree in writing. For 8 months he resided as "Montignard" in Monty Kultuurfaktorij and did an internship with Christoph Marthaler. Her work is often about the human imagination as an emancipatory force to question the system. In 2019 she directed "Alex Moons" for which she collaborated with, amongst others, Monty, Dood Paard, C-stroke and Pianofabriek. In 2020 she was selected to make a performance for the Boslab festival in Amsterdam and she is organizing Het Schrijverslab, a mini-festival dedicated to textual experiment.
Credits: Concept, text and performance: Guus Diepenmaat and Anouk Friedli - Music: Milan van Doren - Director: Renée Goethijn - Costumes: Anne-Catherine Kunz - Light and technique: Max Adams With the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschapscomisie and the City of Brussels Partners: Monty Kultuurfaktorij, Volta, 30CC, GC Nekkersdal and Pilar

Starts: 20:00
Presale: € 5,00
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