Prepare your visit to Pilar
Prepare your visit
Pilar is back in business.
The following measures ensure a pleasant and safe visit.

General information

  • Do you feel sick? Do you experience any symptoms? Stay at home.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory during our events and activities.
  • Respect the social distancing of 1.5 meters.
  • Use the provided alcohol gel.
  • Follow the indicated circulation plan.
  • We clean our accommodation before and/or after each performance.
  • The ventilation in Pilar is corona compliant with a constant supply of fresh air.
  • Ticket holders will receive a personal email with more information prior to their visit.

Concert, debate, performance

  • Order your tickets in advance.
  • Our hall, toilets, and lockers are disinfected before each event.
  • Be sure to arrive on time and follow the guidelines and instructions.
  • Gather your bubble beforehand and sign in at the registration desk at our foyer. From there on, we'll guide you to the assigned table/seat(s).


• Stewards will ensure that the maximum number of visitors will not be exceeded. No reservation is necessary.
• Take the elevator to the first floor and follow the walking lines.
• Keep a safe distance from other visitors at the exhibition space.

Scenography by Club Efemeer (due to new regulations not applicable anymore)

Bubbles should sparkle. At the request of Pilar, Club Efemeer developed a luminous scenography that complies with the safety rules.

Club Efemeer creates atypical in situ light installations and scenography. Autonomous and interactive creations in dialogue with music, performing & visual arts, and public space. Club Efemeer is a collaboration between visual artists Maarten Vanermen and Arnaud De Wolf with the support of Cas-co.

Ticket information

• Based on the reservations made, we 'corona proof' our events.
• Tickets can only be purchased online. The number of tickets is limited.
• Pre-order all tickets in one go.
• We‘ll ask for your contact details while ordering. This information will be kept for thirty days and can be passed on, in the light of contact tracing.
• Tickets are non-refundable. 

Do you have a specific question about the safety measures?

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