Another Land Screening Program

Another Land Screening Program

Fri 06 Oct — Fri 01 Dec 2023
𝓐𝓷𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓛𝓪𝓷𝓭 is an exhibition that opens its spectrum of exploration into the diverse practices of visual and audiovisual arts. We are proud to present a selection of artists whose works come to life on the screen at the PILAR box. This programme, carefully assembled by the artists and the curator, transcends conventional norms, offering a vibrant tapestry of audiovisual expression within the institutional space. This artistic selection is an extension of each member's individual artistic universe. It is also an opportunity to present artists whose artistic practice is little known or unknown on the Belgianscene. Finally, it is a projection programme, in which several of the subjects studied are visually presented in a way that echoes with this " final " universe being in between reality and fiction of the exhibition.
Fri 6 OCT - 7:30 PM - Invited by Carlota de Torregrosa

Megan Bruinen - Gaadjika - Jacob Schoolmeesters

Megan Bruinen
Body Smoother, Sunbed, 2023 (11’53)

La Llorrona, 2022 (5’18)
The true story of Joleen, 2023 (1’42)
Untitled, 2023 (1’03)

Jacob Schoolmeesters
Dogs barking at chemtrails, 2023 (8’00)
Fri 20 OCT - 7:30 PM - Invited by Tristan Bründler

Lewi Moors, Julia Tarissan

Lewi Moors
I wonder, 2023

Julia Tarissan
ST4R, 2022 (15’43)
Fri 3 NOV - 7:30 PM - Invited by Paola Siri Renard

Ivan Cheng, Roy Köhnke, Garush Melkonyan, Valentin Ranger

Ivan Cheng
Roman Candles (Doom Praxis), 2022 (7’11)

Roy Köhnke
Being Flesh, 2023 (20’00)

Garush Melkonyan
Ubi sunt, 2019 (21’32)

Valentin Ranger
Going to the MetaHospital, 2023
Fri 1 DEC - 7:30 PM - Invited by Omar Castillo Alfaro

Caroline Déodat

Caroline Déodat
Sous le ciel des fétiches (16’52)
Fri 6 OCT- 7:30 PM
Fri 20 OCT - 7.30 PM
Fri 3 NOV - 7:30 PM
FriI 1 DEC - 7:30 PM
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