Safer Spaces Workshop w/ Deep Down East & Brussels By Night

Safer Spaces Workshop w/ Deep Down East & Brussels By Night

Tue 16 Apr 2024
€30.00 / Voorverkoop (-26y)
€30.00 / Voorverkoop
14:45 / Deuren
15:00 / Aanvang
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« Safer Spaces » is a term used in nightlife to describe spaces where safety and wellness of party goers are one of the main concern of the organisers. A « safer space » aims at being accessible to everyone and tries to create a comfortable environment where everyone’s boundaries are respected at all times, but what does it really entail? Is  outlining a policy or ‘house’ rules to visitors enough? Or should other practices be put in place inside and outside the club ? This event will be more of a discussion than a lecture; let’s talk about why or how difficult it can be. What (systemic) violences are at play? What about drugs? How do these violence take shape and how to prevent them during events?
On April 16, 2024, in collaboration with Deep Down East & Brussels By Night, we're organizing an educational and collaborative workshop titled "Safe(r) Spaces in Nightlife & Events" at Pilar, for collectives, organizations, and partners in Brussels' nightlife and music event scene.

About the facilitators

Brussels By Night – Pauline Draps (Harm Reduction Manager)

Pauline Draps works as the Harm Reduction Manager at Brussels By Night.The organization was created in 2020 to identify the common interests of the nightlife industry and preserve its creative, evolving and sustainable activities. It is meant to act as a liaison between authorities and nightlife organisers, and support the sector in defining their values and processes to create safer spaces for all.

Deep Down East – Vera Moro & Charles Pennec (DJ's & Artists)

Deep Down East was established to address the underrepresentation of Eastern European artists in the  music industry. Inclusivity is central to their artistic practices, making their parties as inclusive as possible.

Their perspective on safe spaces is that 100% safety is unattainable, so they advocate for 'safer spaces' where individuals can be themselves without fear, and mutual respect is upheld. They implement a code of conduct at their events and state that a safer space is co-created by organizers and attendees.


- 3:00 PM: Introduction to Safe Spaces, nightlife, breaking down stereotypes & notions on sexuality by Brussels By Night and Deep Down East.

- 4:00 PM: Safety planning exercise & discussion/debate

- 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM: Break for drinks & nibbles (because what's a drink without nibbles)

- 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM: Sharing best practices & conclusion.


We ask for a registration fee of 30 euros. Places are limited to 25 participants, so be quick! :)
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