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Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank help Shape the First Pilar ASAP

Pilar requested Frank & Robbert Robbert & Frank to help shape the first Pilar ASAP festival scenographically and curatorially. At once, a reason for them to invite a few artists (collectives) who commemorate and revitalize ritual aspects in our contemporary society in their own exceptional way. Furthermore, Robbert & Frank Frank & Robbert will also infiltrate with their own work in the existing formats of the invited guests. Thus, creating an exciting symbiosis in which the boundary between curator & artist, scenography & artwork is completely blurred. The artwork becomes a dialogue with an open end, the festival a place where transformation and discovery take center stage. Besides, F&R R&F developed several tailor-made new works that highlight PILAR's festive ‘rite de passage’.
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