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Happy retirement Niklaas!

Jean Cosyn

Saying goodbye to our fixer

Our teammate Niklaas will retire from 1 April onwards and we cannot let this moment pass unnoticed. After more than 35 years of service at KultuurKaffee (later Pilar) and countless legendary activities under his wing, Niklaas Van den Abeele is leaving our cultural bastion.
Niklaas joined the culture department of the VUB in 1985 – yes, with the renowned mustache. It did not take long before he committed himself fully to the programming of concerts and all kinds of activities at KultuurKaffee and beyond. Thanks to him, emerging talent of that moment, such as dEUS, Noordkaap, Selah Sue and many – no – countless others, performed on the KK stage.
Niklaas has been our fixer all those years. You can always rely on this problem solver. Never too shy to liven or shake things up. Curious and quirky. With a grin, but always amicable, a friend who smothers skirmishes with the snap of his finger. Niklaas sees solutions, not problems. And if you are really lucky, he will drag you along. Because everywhere you go, EVERYONE knows Niklaas.
So tell us ...
who is going to remind us of all those legendary KK stories?
who will help us to make the hidden VUBways ours?
and who is now taking over this legendary mustache status of you? (Maarten?)

Thanks for everything and see you at Pilar, Niklaas.
When possible again, a great farewell party awaits you.
We welcome everyone to join the party.
Your collegues
Lieselotte, Maarten, Carolien, Bjorne, Gijs, Jade

Jean Cosyn

Niklaas during the last hours of KK byebye Party
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