LISTENING TIP: The Haunted Youth Honors Amenra

'I am Possessed'

The Haunted Youth brings an exceptional musical tribute to Amenra in the context of 'Belpop Helden'. Five artists pay a musical tribute to a Belgian artist. The Haunted Youth honors black metal band Amenra. Joachim Liebens of 'The Haunted Youth' did not have an easy childhood. “I went from institution to institution. I felt a wall between me and others.” Making friends proved difficult. Expressing those feelings of isolation and frustration was made possible when he discovered black metal.
The angle was - as the title - 'I am Possessed'. I started from the idea of what black metal meant to me, and that was on the one hand a way to deal with my aggression and my dark shit. But on the other hand, despite its aggressiveness, it served also as a kind of therapy.” 
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Experience The Haunted Youth live during the Opening Night of PILAR ASAP FESTIVAL: Your Current Mood Edition on Thursday, March 3rd.
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Written by Jade Corbey

Music Promotor and Communication Officer at Pilar

2 February 2022
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