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New Arrivals

With the birth of Pilar, our team expanded with three new colleagues. You already know the faithful Niklaas, Lieselotte and Jade. From now on they will be joined by Carolien, Maarten and Gijs.

Carolien Den Hond

Carolien is our audiovisual technical collaborator. In addition to her passion for video and all other things technic, she loves Doctor Who, Star Wars and café Bizon. As a child, she had an eye for bizarre finds on the street and once came home with a barrel of used oil for her dad.  You can recognize Carolien by her special bike, without a doubt the coolest of the entire VUB. Check it out! And finally this: Carolien does not like people whistling to fill the silence, chicory and all types of caring professions. Don't tell us we didn't warn you.

Maarten Vanermen

Maarten is the visual arts programmer at Pilar. He obtained his master's degree at Sint Lukas and has been active as a visual artist, mixed media teacher and with various scenography projects with Club Efemeer. Artists who touch him are Anne Veronica Janssens, Children Of The Light, James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson. Maarten grew up in rather strange hotels in Boutersem and Kortenberg, but luckily saw the light in time and is now living in Schaerbeek. As a chronic hoarder, he's always busy to build on his curiosity cabinet. Not open to the public, until further notice.

Gijs Ieven

Gijs was the last to join the team and is responsible for community involvement. Our customer and complaint service in one.  His roots are in the region of Limburgse Kempen, but he's happy to call Brussels his home for almost 15 years now. In the past he worked as a staff member for various youth and social organizations in the capital. In addition to the eternal search for hidden treasures in record boxes in after-sales shops all over the country, Gijs also collects pin-up magazines from the 70s and 80s and has a weakness for canned ravioli.
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