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TIP: Stream Nadia Reid live over breakfast tomorrow

Oh, the irony. It’s more than likely the upcoming “Out of My Province"-tour of New Zealand's singer-songwriter Nadia Reid is going to be postponed. In that case, the indie-folk artist will be staying put in her own region a little longer than planned. Pilar already had to cancel the concert by Nadia Reid April, 17th  due to the recent health measures. However, we are looking into the possibility to move Reid's passage to Belgium to a later date this fall. More news in due time.
As a welcome counterweight to these "you-know-what" circumstances, Reid herself will set-up a live concert tomorrow, March 21st - 10 AM (our time), singing songs to her computer. 

Our Saturday Morning Suggestion

  • Stay in bed a little longer and start your day with this undoubted, delightful live session.
  • Organize a breakfast concert for yourself and your housemates.

Enjoy and dig in!

Nadia Reid for breakfast reminder
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