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Sat 30 — Sun 31 Oct 2021

A performance by Tint

chaos order chaos

Nothing that comes about without an interaction between these two primordial terms. That applies to the universe, the world, society, a human life, a theater performance. With the visual theater performance CHAOS, TINT ventures into the development of a contemporary creation myth.

Seven youngster, looking for their place in a world where man has risen above everything else. Where more beautiful, better, faster are the new standards and where immortality seems to be the highest good. A world where man has bombed himself into god.

CHAOS is a performance about who we are today, what we can become and our endless search for meaning.


Tint is a young theater collective that creates theater performances with youngsters in Brussels.
Tint sees theater as a lubricant to bring young people closer together. The passion for theater allows them to dream, imagine, survive, recognize and offer comfort. Tint resolutely choses to work with youngsters because they are the building blocks for later. They are adults in the making who already have to brave the increasingly complex world. The operation pays a lot of attention to building relationships with the young people so that they can feel safe within an artistic process.
Tint strives for a high artistic level in addition to a high involvement of 'the young person in Brussels'. Young people are at a time in their lives where creativity is easiest to grasp and flourishes most.


Performers: Rien Veulemans, Anna Milojkowic, Fien Vandermeersch, Jacoba Cuppens, Mette Plysier, Cis Van Dyck & Mia Niru Director: Elke Van Der Kelen & Eline George Dramaturgy: Raphaël Vandeweyer Music: Wouter Deltour Costumes: Sabina Kumeling Set design: Elke Van Der Kelen & Eline George, Kopspel VZW Technique: Dries Van De Velde
Trailer: Jelle Van Coillie Picture: Delphine Lebon
Thanks to: Growfunding en Tour & Taxi With the support of: Zinnema, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommisie & de Vlaamse Overheid
As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 14 Oct — Thu 11 Nov 2021 The Lived Space Edition Your go-to place to meet and relax
30/10: 8pm
31/10: 3pm
ATTENTION: This performance takes place in Gare Martime (Rue Picard 7, 1000 Brussels)


Reduction -26y ticket = €5 presale - €8 atd
Presale: € 8,00
At the door: € 10,00
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