The Lived Space Edition

Pilar ASAP
The Lived Space Edition

14 Oct—11 Nov .21

Your go-to place

The corona pandemic made many Brussels residents reevaluate the importance of public space. All of a sudden our public space wasn't mere functional anymore. It became more than ever, our go-to place to meet and relax. This call for qualitative public space was heard loud and clear. During PILAR ASAP – The Lived Space Edition we'll refocus on our home base, Brussels, focusing on 'lived space' and its importance. Can we make the public space more of a social space in which the 'lived' space of residents becomes equal to the 'designed' space of politicians and project developers? Count on a wide range of talks, music, debate, performance, and an exhibition during the 5th edition of Pilar ASAP.


Thu 14 Oct 2021
Opening Night
Presale € 11,00 / Atd € 14,00
An intuitive mix of hip hop and soul
+ Blu Samu invites Shaka Shams
Thu 14 Oct — Thu 11 Nov 2021
Free Exhibition
De Geleefde Stad
“De Geleefde Stad” shows works that investigate and question the gap between the conceived and the lived space
Fri 15 Oct 2021
Tactile Talk workshop
Which line do you draw - with which line does the other answer? Tactile Talk explores how we can talk without words
Thu 21 Oct 2021
Free Concert
Neoclassical Electronica + aftershow
support: Niels Orens (VI.BE winner)

This is a Covid Safe Ticket event
Wed 27 Oct 2021
Dance / Performance
Presale € 7,00 / Atd € 10,00
Ultima Vez
A generous social choreography in which everyone appears to have an influence on the whole
Sat 30 — Sun 31 Oct 2021
Dance / Performance
Presale € 8,00 / Atd € 10,00
Tint ventures into the development of a contemporary creation myth
Sun 31 Oct 2021
Noannaos Listening Sessions
Immersive Listening Sessions Hosted by Pilar Resident Noannaos at See-U
Wed 03 Nov 2021
Adieu Molenbeek
A sound bubble somewhere in between field recording, ambient, podcast and sonic journalism.
Thu 04 Nov 2021
Presale € 10,00 / Atd € 13,00
Victor De Roo + Yamila
Tue 09 Nov 2021
Presale € 10,00
Dinner with the city
Thu 11 Nov 2021
Closing Night
timeless and iconic
About Pilar ASAP
PILAR ASAP is a semi-annual festival with a narrative programme. Attuned to the pulse of society, we merge different artistic and scientific disciplines. At PILAR ASAP you can experience a challenging, varied offer: from exhibition, debate and workshops to concert evenings. Central to it is the work of (young) artists that we think you should discover as soon as possible. For a month they will be part of our Art Science Association Platform. (ASAP)
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The Lived Space Edition
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