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De Geleefde Stad

De Geleefde Stad

Thu 14 Oct — Thu 11 Nov 2021

7 artists on the gap between conceived and the lived space

“Whatever the origins of any public space, its status as ‘public’ is created and maintained through the ongoing opposition of visions that have been held, on the one hand by those who seek order and control and, on the other, by those who seek places for oppositional political activity and unmediated interaction.” — Mitchell, 1995

“The right to the city is like a cry and a demand…[and] …cannot be conceived of as a simple visiting right or as a return to traditional cities. It can only be formulated as a transformed and renewed right to urban life.” — Lefebvre, 1996

Where is the line between constructed space and lived space? ‘The city as it is made and conceived’ versus ‘the city as it is lived, experienced and filled in’. The tension between and within the lived and planned city. “De Geleefde Stad” shows works that investigate and question this dispersion in 
public space.
With work by: Emma van der Put, Lola Daels, Sophia Holst, chépas collective, Koba De Meutter & Hannelore Van Dijck en Jan Duerinck

Emma van der Put

The videos of Emma van der Put originate from looking closely at (urban) public space. In her position as an observer, she tries to maintain a balance between empathy and detachment. Even though she is physically part of the crowd, the telescopic lens of her camera is creating a distance, a private space within the public space. Emma van der Put (°1988) studied at AKV st. Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (2006-2010) and LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (2020 -2021). She was a participant at De Ateliers in Amsterdam (2010-2012). She worked as an artist in residence at Nucleo, Ghent (2013), at Lokaal 01, Antwerp (2014) and at WIELS, Brussels (2014). Recent shows and screenings include; Spacial Bias, Lesage, Brussels (BE), Inhabiting the impasse of modernity, La Loge, Brussels (BE), VG Award 2020, KM21, The Hague (NL) Foreign Places, WIELS, Brussels (BE), Project Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (NL), LOOP, Barcelona (ES), Tribute to an Avenue, Sculpture International Rotterdam (NL), IDFA Paradocs, EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam (NL), Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival, Villa Romana, Florence (IT), Film Festival Ghent, OFFoff Cinema, Ghent (BE). 

Solo shows include: SOON, Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven (NL), Mall of Europe, Mu.ZEE, Ostend (BE), SOON, Loods 12, Wetteren (BE), Mall of Europe, A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam (NL), Mall of Europe, Atelierhaus Klingental, Basel (CH), Rincé Alien, museum De Pont, Tilburg (NL), Room Fountain Token, tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam (NL), Token, Lokaal01 Antwerp (BE). 
Emma van der Put is represented by tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam (NL). 

© Emma van der Put (2021) Courtesy tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam

Lola Daels

Lola Prima Donna Daels is a Brussels based artist, who mostly creates site specific and installation art. Her practice derives from long processes of research in which she investigates analytical and critical inquiries about ecological, environmental and socio-political issues. At every place she visits, Lola collects objects and material that she reshapes and integrates into new contexts.
Daels (°1990) obtained her master’s degree in visual arts in 2014 at Luca School of Arts, Brussels. She has been part of several residency programs such as EKWC (NL), Kooshk recidency (IR), Cité Internationale des Arts (FR). Her work was shown at Bozar (BE), Extracity Kunsthal (BE), Deegar Platform (IR), the African Art Fair in Marrakech (MA) and many more. She was selected to participate at the fifth edition of STRT Kit, a one-year development program for artists in Antwerp. Her interest in urban complexities led to the collaboration with architect Sebastiaan Willemen, with who she founded chépas collective. She’s is a member of Level Five, an artistic ecology in Brussels, Belgium. 

© Lola Daels

chépas collective

Chépas is Brussels slang for je ne sais pas, which stands for I don’t know, and points out the continuous indecisive condition of Brussels. chépas collective is a multidisciplinary collective, founded by Sebastiaan Willemen, an architect, and Lola Daels, a visual artist. Inspired by marginal spaces, urban or rural, their work consists of installations, scenographies and performances that take place in public space as well as in white cubes. Their work balances between poetry and criticism, rationalism and humour, activism and art.
© Axel De Marteau

Sophia Holst & Axel De Marteau

Through research, exhibitions and applied architectural projects, Sophia Holst both practices and reflects on the field of architecture and urban planning. By maneuvering deeper into this field, she intends to reveal the political and ideological standpoints behind current urban developments and trends. Holst focuses on her own living environment, a Western European context, where city-politics tend to bend towards neo-liberal urban growth at the expense of socio-economic diversity and urban equality. In a broader sense her projects explore the design or use of architecture and public space in relation to politics, social paradigms and everyday human activities. More specifically she works around topics such as: the value of ‘public privacy’ in decaying public spaces, the privatization of urban commons, and the continual issues around social housing in Brussels. 
Sophia Holst (°1988) is a Dutch architect and researcher based in Brussels and Maastricht. She obtained a Master’s degree in Visual Arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and a Master in Architecture at the KU Leuven in Brussels. Next to her independent practice she worked for architecture offices Studio Anne Holtrop (NL), Nu architectuuratelier (BE) and CRIT. (BE). Currently she is a resident at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. 

Axel De Marteau (°1994) lives and works in Brussels. Key elements in his practice are urban develop- ment, the co-existence of humans and nature and the photographic medium as a mediator within the creation process. De Marteau’s photographs are not made within clear delineated projects. He rath- er approaches his archive as a growing structure wherein photographs can be reused and trans- formed. For him, this is a way to think about the materiality and stratification of imagery. It allows him to adapt his work to different spaces and the constantly changing context of his subjects.

In 2016 Central E For Contemporary Art organized his first solo exhibition, entitled ‘As a bird dives down the water’. His work was shown at Collectible Art Fair, Z33 House for contemporary art, Jan van Eyck Academy, Terrarium, Studio Omstand and BredaPhoto, among others. De Marteau is also active as an art critic and writer.
© chépas collective

Koba De Meutter & Hannelore Van Dijk

De Meutter and Van Dijck is the collaboration between Koba De Meutter and Hannelore Van Dijck. Both artists are interested in the unexpected and often start from a dialogue with a given context. Together they move in a new environment. Tem- porary interventions enable encounters; the casual passerby can become involved in the creation of an action, talking about an image or recording an event.
© Koba De Meutter & Hannelore Van Dijk

Jan Duerinck

When an object carries experience; Jan Duerinck mediates meaning in different materialities. When objects are stripped of their obvious functionality, they ask to be placed in context anew. Banality thus becomes the subject of reflection. Nothing just is, or is only what it is. Jan Duerinck (°1991) is a Belgian artist who lives and works in Brussels and Leuven. In his multimedia practice, he investigates how images, objects and forms as signifiers carry and generate meaning in different contexts. Just beneath the surface, one can quite often discover a questioning of what is understood as the norm. Duerinck obtained a master’s degree in visual arts from LUCA Brussels in 2016.

© Jan Duerinck

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