Tactile Talk workshop

Tactile Talk workshop

Fri 15 Oct 2021
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Katrien Oosterlinck

In the Tactile Talk workshop we explore together how we can speak without words. We enter into a dialogue with each other through drawing, movement and objects.

Dotted line or squiggly line, zigzag or straight ahead.
Together, next to or opposite.
Which line do you draw - with which line does the other answer?
Which line are you walking - who is following or doing something else?
Which place does your object choose - does the other choose a place near or further away?

Everyone (16+) is welcome. You don't need any prior knowledge. Afterwards there is the possibility to participate in the creation process of the theater production Tactile Talk.

Tactile Talk Performance (Spring 2022)

How can we speak to each other without words? What does this time of not touching teach us about contact and how much closeness is there in distance?

Tactile Talk invites you into a landscape of foam rocks for a non-verbal meeting. Performers guide you through interactions with each other and with the rocks. Place a rock, make eye contact, follow, take the lead, distance yourself, look at the statue. A common language is created. The space between us is questioned and made visible.

Tactile Talk is an encounter, a silent conversation about making contact, setting boundaries, noticing what moves us and what moves between us. It is a visual game, a social choreography in which we investigate distance and proximity.

Katrien Oosterlinck

Katrien Oosterlinck (1984) designs instructions for games with a specific scenography for encounters between people. The zone is non-verbal, body language is central. Her work reflects on spatial sensitivity: the search for a private and shared place. Her practice is not only about social interaction, but also about creating images through that interaction.
As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 14 Oct — Thu 11 Nov 2021 The Lived Space Edition Your go-to place to meet and relax
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