Chess: Art or Science?

Chess: Art or Science?

Tue 25 Oct 2022
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Brussels Chess Club x Pilar

19:00 | Keynote on art, the brain, patterns and the noble game of chess

For many, science and art are very closely related in chess. But does that make sense? What makes this game fascinate so many researchers for decades? And what is the role of the computer in this? What happens in the brain of chess players who play the game blind without looking at the board against 48 opponents at once? And what is the added value of learning to play chess with children and… adults? This exciting story, illustrated with images and film, is about these and other questions.

Piet Van de Craen is a linguist who studies multilingualism in education and its cognitive effects in Belgium and Europe. He is also chairman of the largest Brussels chess club, the Brussels Chess Club and gives lectures on black, American jazz music.

20:30 | Chess Blitz Tournament

After the keynote, Pilar and the Brussels Chess Club will organize a chess blitz tournament (5 min per player + 3 sec extra time per move, Bronstein system) over 5 rounds. Pre-registration is recommended as places are limited.


Brussels Chess Club

The Brussels Chess Club is open to chess enthusiasts of all walks of life, all horizons, all ages and from beginners to experts. Every Monday from 18:00 in 'Het Huys' (Egide Van Ophemstraat 46, 1180 Uccle).
As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 13 Oct — Thu 10 Nov 2022 Order to Disorder Edition See how far you can go without hitting boundaries
Doors: 18:30
Keynote: 19:00
Blitz tournamen 20:30
End: 22:00
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