Order to Disorder Edition

Pilar ASAP
Order to Disorder Edition

13 Oct—10 Nov .22

Order and chaos seem to be each other's opponents, however they are closer to each other than we (can) imagine. Does order arise from chaos or chaos from order? How do they relate to each other? Where scientists look for chaos theory, or 'the theory of everything', artists try to stretch boundaries or - even more so - see how far you can go without hitting boundaries. During Pilar ASAP - Order to Disorder Edition we embrace the paradox and explore across disciplines how order and chaos are inextricably linked.
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Thu 13 Oct 2022
Opening Night
Presale € 12,00 / Atd € 15,00
Gloom Club presents: GREG (FR)+ NKC (UK) + Amor Satyr (FR) + Leese
Gloom Club combines the best of the thriving underground scene, resolutely breaking down the boundaries between musical genres.
Thu 13 Oct — Thu 10 Nov 2022
Out of Order
With work by: Annouk Thys, Antoinette d’Ansembourg, Céline Vahsen, Kaïn Walgrave, Lisette De Greeuw, Muesli Collective, Ohme en/and Frederik Vanhoutte & Winnie Claessens
Mon 17 Oct 2022
Music / Performance
Presale € 10,00 / Atd € 13,00
Man Strikes Back
Man Strikes Back is a musical circus performance by people and robots, for people and robots
Wed 19 Oct 2022
Free Podium
Open Mic
Warm up your vocal chords because we want to hear your voice, both on stage and in the audience.
Thu 20 Oct 2022
Presale € 10,00 / Atd € 13,00
Unschooling + TUFF GUAC + PEGA
Made up of ex-members of MNNQNS and other Rouennaise outfits, the four dunces of Unschooling have built their own university on the pillars of post-punk.
Fri 21 Oct 2022
Chess Initiation
Be seduced by one of the oldest games in the world during this chess initiation.
Mon 24 Oct 2022
Presale € 5,00 / Atd € 8,00
Is er een alternatief? Op zoek naar uitwegen uit het dominante systeem
deBuren, Pilar and Schersteller Robin Goudsmit are once again joining forces for the educational part of the festival
Tue 25 Oct 2022
Chess: Art or Science?
For many, science and art are very closely related in chess. But does that make sense?
Wed 26 Oct 2022
Presale € 10,00 / Atd € 13,00
Simple Machines
This lecture-performance tells the story of a choreographer who tries to be replaced by technology
Fri 28 Oct 2022
Presale € 10,00 / Atd € 13,00
Tourist (uk - live)
British electronic music artist William Phillips aka. Tourist heads to Pilar with a new solo live show.
Fri 04 Nov 2022
Presale € 12,00 / Atd € 15,00
TSVI/Anunaku + NAH + Pippin + MeyanDR
Drums, bleep & blops. Fast and slow, hard and soft. Chaos! However, order is never far away and patterns and structures determine the rhythm of this evening. Order to disorder, and back again.
Tue 08 Nov 2022
Presale € 20,00
Ableton production with Tsar B
Music software on your left, tips & tricks on your right: Tsar B guides you through the first steps of music producing.
Thu 10 Nov 2022
Closing Night
Presale € 12,00 / Atd € 15,00
Closing Night hosted by Crowd Console
𝖈𝖗𝖔𝖜𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖔𝖑𝖊 closes Pilar ASAP with an unruly display of delicate ambient, noise and heavy club music.
About Pilar ASAP
PILAR ASAP is a semi-annual festival with a narrative programme. Attuned to the pulse of society, we merge different artistic and scientific disciplines. At PILAR ASAP you can experience a challenging, varied offer: from exhibition, debate and workshops to concert evenings. Central to it is the work of (young) artists that we think you should discover as soon as possible. For a month they will be part of our Art Science Association Platform. (ASAP)
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Order to Disorder Edition
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