House of Art & Science at VUB
Brussels, Belgium
Opening Night
Gloom Club presents: GREG (FR)+ NKC (UK) + Amor Satyr (FR) + Leese

Gloom Club presents: GREG (FR)+ NKC (UK) + Amor Satyr (FR) + Leese

Thu 13 Oct 2022
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None other than +GLOOM CLUB+ will host the Opening Night of Pilar ASAP's Order to Disorder Edition.
Gloom Club is a Brussels-based nightlife collective that focuses on progressive club culture and audiovisual art. They combine the best of the thriving underground scene, resolutely breaking down the boundaries between musical (sub)genres.



Born in Mauritius and now based in Paris, GЯEG is a 21-year-old DJ and producer who has been exploring the club scene since arriving in France in 2019. As a member of the rising Parisian label Boukan Records, resident of the craziest party concept La Créole in Paris and resident of Rinse France, his eclectic and energetic mixes have brought him into the spotlight of the French club scene.
Supported by international DJ's like Teki Latex, Kampire or Jyoty, GЯEG released his first EP "Eau Coulée Smart City" on Parisian label LaVibe in June 2021. The EP is a powerful mix of jungle, kuduro, shatta, techno and house. A fusion of his musical influences from electronic music to the Afro-Caribbean sound, which earned him a place in the DJ Mag UK Emerging Artists, and a great review on Resident Advisor.

‘Ça, c’est la spécialité de GЯEG : faire sauter le compteur d’énergie, sans trop s’encombrer de savoir si c’est « acceptable » de passer du Jul pour Boiler Room.’ - Taxmag



NKC is a Bristol based producer and DJ. Bristol bass has long been a thing as the cradle of sound system culture, but it continues to evolve, thanks in part to artists like NKC. Rotated in this city, he is inspired by the growing diversity and genre-bridging music climate. He's behind the growing afrohouse and percussion bass scene in the UK, thanks to his energetic dj sets and genius music productions.
Expect an NKC set to be filled with hard drum classics, percussive dubs fresh from the lab, slamming UK funky and Afrohouse edits, and a healthy dose of wild card selections.


Amor Satyr (FR)

Amor Satyr is a French DJ and producer. Driven by energy and daring, he likes to free himself from genre restrictions. His only goal is to make the audience dance. This inspired by rave music mixed with more percussion-driven rhythms, bass and tribal music. 
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Leese (B)

Leese is an electronic music producer from Brussels. Her sound, brought to you through a banging live-set, is characterized by a combo of club-heavy percussion and tribal rhythm’s. It is through dance and movement that her music and visuals come to life. You know what to expect, you know what to do.

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As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 13 Oct — Thu 10 Nov 2022 Order to Disorder Edition
21.00 - 22.30 Gloom Club DJ's
22.30 - 23.30 Leese. (live)
23.30 - 01.00 Amor Satyr (fr)
01.00 - 02.30 NKC (uk)
02.30 - 04.00 GЯEG (fr)
04.00 - 05.00 Gloom Club DJ's
Presale: € 12,00
At the door: € 15,00
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