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Open Mic

Open Mic

Wed 19 Oct 2022

Bib Sans Souci x SpeakEasy Spoken Word Bxl x Pilar

Warm up your vocal chords because we want to hear your voice, both on stage and in the audience. Bib Sans Souci, SpeakEasy Spoken Word BXL and Pilar are organising an open mic-evening on Wednesday 19 September in Bar Pilar. Come and listen to a contagious mix of spoken word, music and slam. Or even better: grab the microphone yourself and enchant the audience with your words.


SpeakEasy Spoken Word BXL

SpeakEasy Spoken Word BXL is a collective, a space, a stage, a dream. Women run poetic pandemonium. A place where performers, artists, lovers of words and audience come together to create and listen.In addition to their monthly open mics they organize occasional bursts of words in the wild; 

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Living Stories

Under the label 'Living Stories', Bib Sans Souci organizes various cozy literature activities. They create an intimate living room on location: from roof terrace to park, from library to living. Books become three-dimensional, names become voices, life stories become inspiration. Do not expect classical lectures but lively literature in the diverse context of Ixelles. Young or old? Book devour of literary leek? Have a taste of well-aimed words and refresh yourself with changing stories.
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As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 13 Oct — Thu 10 Nov 2022 Order to Disorder Edition See how far you can go without hitting boundaries
Start: 19:30
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