Countersex Education by Maxime Dreesen

Countersex Education by Maxime Dreesen

Tue 21 Mar 2023
€7.00 / Presale (-26y)
€9.00 / Presale
€10.00 / At the door (-26y)
€12.00 / At the door
19:45 / Doors
Pilar Box (Ground Floor)
Triomflaan, VUB Entrance 6, 1050 Brussels
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Pick up the dildo and write your way out of history!

And what if we make a performance to enrich your sex life? Let's make room for playful fantasies and unknown desires, possibilities with no fixed outcome.


Pick up the dildo and write your way out of history. Are you ready?

Current sexual education is limited to dry information about pregnancy, STIs, erections and (the horror of) AIDS. 'If you have sex, you will get pregnant and die.' No more condoms over bananas and lists of disease risks! How can we play with sex? 

Countersex Education is a performance that explores the boundaries of musical and alternative sex education to reach an orgasmic climax together with the audienceabooboo, the alter ego of Maxime Dreesen. immerses you in a world of new orgasms and blushing cheeks. Here the anus steals the show and self-pleasure is a party you don't want to miss. A journey of discovery for people who suspect that sex is more than a penis in a vagina.

Special guest  Drag Couenne 

Duration: 60 minutes | Spoken language: Dutch/English

Maxime Dreesen

Maxime Dreesen graduated in June 2019 as a director from the Maastricht Theater Academy. Their work deals with gender, sexuality and queer eroticism. In their work, Maxime starts from autobiographical experiences, which they then translate into universal, emancipating and political stories. Maxime was also the driving force behind the youth project Youth for Sex.


van & met Maxime Dreesen muziek Benne Dousselaere tekst Edna Azulay & Maxime Dreesen dramaturgie Hannah Van Wieringen artwork Yanis Berrewaerts outside eye Julie Cafmeyer & Hannah De Meyer techniek Sergé Matkin productie Filter vzw i.s.m. De Studio met steun van Stad Antwerpen, Festival Cement & Makershuis Tilburg met dank aan De Nieuwe Vorst, CAMPO, Carly Everaert, Berenike Gregoor, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Leon Roggisart, Quirine Racké, Helena Muskens, Julian Klausner & Laurens Mariën
As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 02 — Thu 30 Mar 2023 The Sexual Feeling / Healing Edition Multidisciplinary Festival by Pilar
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