Cuddle pile touch-based workshop in art installation

Cuddle pile touch-based workshop in art installation

Wed 29 Mar 2023
€30.00 / Presale
18:45 / Doors
19:00 / Start
Pilar Expo (First & Second Floor)
Triomflaan, Entrance 6
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Do you want to slow down? Connect with your own body and others' in a low-key and accessible way? In our lives we are in a daily rush. Our nervous system is over stimulated and tired. Because of our superficial environment we are unable to connect with our sensual selves. We are unable to explore true conscious intimacy with our environment and other people.

What to expect

During this session, Neoza guides the group step by step to end up with a cuddle pile. It allows you to explore other people's energy fields and bodies in a safe way, blindfolded. Before you go any further, learn more about body language consent. Nezoa accompanies the cuddly pile with tips and suggestions. They guarantee the safety of the participants and ensure that everyone adheres to the rules of consent.
In cuddle stacks you get the chance to meet strangers with touch and without prejudice. Because of the blindfold you cannot judge the person by appearance. You can only work with what you feel: their energy field.

*Cuddle piles are not orgies. It's about each other being able to achieve without sexual expectations or consequences. The general rule is not to automatically reach for lips, female breasts and genitals. If there are other body parts you don't want touched, this becomes suspicious.

Neoza Gofffin

Neoza Goffin is an interdisciplinary healing artist, touch-based guide and curator. She explores how the fusion of touch-based rituals and art can be used for psychological transformation. Touch-based practices tap into subtle layers of sexual energy through exercises with touch. Its goals are: raising awareness of the importance of touch and consent, connecting with your own body and communicating a broader interpretation of intimacy. In her artistic practice, she combines contemporary themes such as sex positivity, body diversity, inclusivity, colour therapy and gender with spiritual symbolism based on Tantra, Tao and Buddhism. She uses installation, photography, VR, video and performance.  

As an interdisciplinary healing artist she builds a bridge between art, fashion and the healthcare sector. She is doing touch-based rituals with installations in exhibitions and galleries. She exhibited in Tatjana Pieters gallery, UNSEEN (Amsterdam) and Waking Life Festival (Portugal) funded by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. She collaborates with brands such as La Fille d'O. And she has her own practice with a space decorated with my art for weekly touch-based group sessions.  
More about Neoza's touch based rituals
As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 02 — Thu 30 Mar 2023 The Sexual Feeling / Healing Edition Multidisciplinary Festival by Pilar
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