De Scherpsteller: Warda El-Kaddouri

De Scherpsteller: Warda El-Kaddouri

Mon 16 Mar 2020
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Interactive keynote on system errors in society by Warda El-Kaddouri (POSTPONED/CANCELLED)

deBuren and Pilar present Scherpsteller Warda El-Kaddouri who gives an interactive keynote about superdiversity, and how we as a society fail to experience this growing diversity as something positive. The extreme-right is gaining in popularity, segregation in residential areas and schools continues to grow, and discrimination in the housing and labour market remains an unsolved problem. We have been talking about the 'failure of the multicultural society' for twenty years, but where exactly is that failure? And what does it take to do better? How can we really start living together? Scherpsteller searches and finds some solutions, which she presents to us during her keynote. Daan Rovers, Denker des Vaderlands from the Netherlands, reacts to her lecture and after that they talk to each other under moderation of Carolina Maciel de França. As an audience you are of course cordially invited to ask questions, to respond to proposals from the speakers or to come up with some solutions yourself.
What's going wrong in our society today? And which sustainable solutions are possible for these problems?

About De Scherpsteller

De Scherpsteller is a biennial honorary nomination. De Scherpsteller focuses on social developments and stimulates our thinking about these issues.
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Pilar & deBuren 
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From 2 pm till 10 pm you can also visit the free exhibition "The Wilderness Hidden Underneath".
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