The glitch edition

Pilar ASAP
The glitch edition

Thu 05 Mar—Thu 02 Apr .20

Semi-annual, multidisciplinary festival by Pilar

In March, Pilar again concentrates its attention on a specific topic. This time, we leave the path of the foreseen and ... let go of control. Unexpected deviations are given free rein: open and exposed. To what point does a glitch in a system remain an undesirable mistake? PILAR ASAP - The Glitch Edition showcases the other side of the coin. An ode to the momentum where a system derails. We invite artists, theater makers, musicians and thinkers who track down these crashes, bugs, errors, feedback, and noise, exposing visible and invisible errors in society in doing so. Is there poetry in error? And to what extent, does it nourish our imagination, creativity, and perception of reality?
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Thu 05 Mar—Sat 30 May .20
Free Exhibition
The Wilderness Hidden Underneath
with work of Benjamin Verhoeven - Eva Vermeiren - Elias Heuninck - Karolien Chromiak - Liselotte Van Daele - Naama Roth - Stien Bekaert - Seppe De Meyere
Thu 05 Mar .20
Opening Night
Presale € 7,00 / Atd € 10,00
Slagwerk presents
Rezzett (UK)
Varg²™ ( SE)
Merely | live ( SE)
djb | live ( NL)
hexagon brozart live (Slagwerk)
Slagwerk dj's
Mon 09 Mar .20
Presale € 5,00 / Atd € 8,00
Through The Looking-Glass (and what we found there)
Mats Vandroogenbroeck
Nona Demey Gallagher
Timo Sterckx
Fri 13 Mar .20
Music / Performance
Presale € 5,00 / Atd € 7,00
GUO present GLITSH (with Elvin Brandhi)
Daniel Blumberg (guitar/ drawings)
Seymour Wright (sax)
Elvin Brandhi (electronics)
Mon 16 Mar .20
Presale € 3,00 / Atd € 5,00
De Scherpsteller: Warda El-Kaddouri
In coop with deBuren
Wed 18 Mar .20
Presale € 10,00 / Atd € 12,00
Pleasant Island
Silke Huysmans
Hannes Dereere
Wed 25 Mar .20
Presale € 10,00 / Atd € 13,00
KLEIN (uk)
Klein (uk)
+ Support
Tue 31 Mar .20
Free Concert
Presale € 0,00
PAARD. X John Ghost
Glitchy Stoemp! concert
Thu 02 Apr .20
Closing Night
Presale € 5,00 / Atd € 8,00
KRANKk - BERRY - Roedel
About Pilar ASAP
PILAR ASAP is a semi-annual, multidisciplinary festival with a narrative programme. Attuned to the pulse of society, we merge different artistic and scientific disciplines. At PILAR ASAP you can experience a challenging, varied offer: from exhibition, debate and workshops to concert evenings. Central to it is the work of (young) artists that we think you should discover as soon as possible. For a month they will be part of our Art Science Association Platform. (ASAP)